Yu Suzuki does an “Ask me Anything” Round on Reddit about Shenmue III today!

This is one of the news where the headlines are already forming the majority of the News content :-)


Well Yu Suzuki, the developer behind the Shenmue Series and also behind the Shenmue III Kickstarter that was met with man-tears worldwide and is probably becoming one of the most successful crowdfunded video games ever is answering questions today on Reddit


We’re Coming to Reddit!

As we mentioned on our previous post, Yu Suzuki will be on Reddit tomorrow, 6/19, starting around 9:30 PST. This is your chance to ask the man anything – bring us your burning questions and Yu-san will do his best to answer!”

Recently he also mentioned that they will most likely introduce a new QTE system to Shenmue III, as a big fan of the first two games I can’t wait to hear more about the project and hope some people will ask good questions at Reddit today.


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