WWE 2K16 replaces Hulk Hogan with… The Terminator?!?

Here’s something that isn’t known about me: I like pro wrestling. I see it as a male version of a soap opera… but, I fell off the wagon recently thanks to how long the shows are and how much I freaking hate Cena’s character (The person? Best man in the world… I mean, anyone who can grant so many wishes for Make A Wish kids is a great man to begin with).

The games have been great, but 2K15 was a absolute miss for those on the last gen consoles. Now, the guys at 2K Games are getting ready for WWE 2K16… things were going smoothly until Hulk Hogan got busted for dropping N bombs on a sex tape. Since this incident, the WWE has given the Hulkster the carpet bomb treatment only given to Chris Benoit after what he did. I’ve said this before: Just because one incident ruined the man does NOT mean what that man did before hand isn’t good. I mean, look at Benoit. The guy was one of the best technical wrestlers out there and now, thanks to his double murder-suicide, his name is blacklisted. Quite a shame, if you ask me.

So, 2K Games now has an issue. Hulk Hogan is out… what can you do to replace him? Well… how about this:

Yep, the Terminator is coming to WWE 2K16 as a pre-order bonus. With it, you get the original Terminator from the 1984 movie (Which I finally saw for the first time a few weeks ago. Not a bad movie) and the model from sequel Judgement Day (which is one of the best movies from the 90’s). Well played, 2K… well played.