What’s a Rabite doing in a place like this?

Writers on a new site typically introduce themselves. I feel this is really a good practice
as it gives readers the ability to understand where said new person is coming from. So
without further ado, here it goes. Pardon me for being a bit long winded (really long winded),
but there’s a lot of background that has influenced my taste in games and consoles.

I’ve been playing games of some sort or another since the Tandy 1000 SX. Even at the time
it was a crappy computer. I’d get new games and see the ads for games from the same publisher
and the first thing you’d notice is “Holy crap the colors suck on Tandy compared to the others”.
Now Radio Shack is out of business and it’s no wonder. Next time make a better computer!

We upgraded the computer from 384KB of RAM to 640KB, which was all anybody would ever need.
We also tried to install an HDD in the computer, but that never actually worked. So we had
to boot the computer with a disk in the A: drive to load DOS 3.something or other.

The family game library (aka the stuff gotten for me that nobody else touched) included titles
like Barbarian, Donald Duck’s Playground (personal favorite), and crappy arcade ports
like Commando and Ikari Warriors were the order of the day. Also a copy of Thexder
which was my other favorite on the system. The “joy” of looking through manuals to find a
specific word to get the game to work. I do *not* miss that at all. Especially when we got
Silpheed and no manual.

These people were lucky. I had two 5.25

Holy crap look how archaic that looks!

One magical happy day I went over to a friends(?) house and played my first NES game, Contra… Oh dear sweet shiny Christ on a stick. That game was amazing compared to the outdated (even at the time) computer I was used to playing games on. I ended up trying to decide if I wanted to get a NES or a Game and Watch. Yes, that was an actual choice I had to make. I got a NES and Contra. Then SMB1. Then a handful of other games. Now my parents never played anything with me. Both of them *hated* video games, but tolerated them due to my frequent trips to the hospital and occasional operations.

I read this book entirely too much for my own good.

The book that came with my NES instead of a game.

Now, I mention that my parents hate/hated video games because it impacted a lot of my library
until I got my first job. They were reluctant to buy me games/systems because they saw me pouring
entirely too much time into games instead of other things that probably would have been healthier
for me. But that’s how I lived my life, for better or for worse.

When the Gameboy came out I didn’t really pay it much attention until I got one for the holidays
that year. Oh man did I spend a lot of time with that thing. When my sister wasn’t swiping it from
me to play Tetris (the only game she ever really cared to play). At first her swiping it irritated
me, but I eventually just let her take it whenever she asked.

Some highlights of my Gameboy library included Final Fantasy Legend, Batman, Metroid 2, and most
importantly: Final Fantasy Adventure. I love that game to this day. The music, the story, the
characters, the gameplay and the variety of weapons. I replayed that game a ton of times, each time
enjoying it more than the previous time. It is to date my favorite game on any system. I spent a lot
of time with this bad boy and the next several incarnations. It spawned my preference for portables
over consoles and PC. Whether I would have had the same preference

Two years later the SNES was introduced. I had no interest. I had a NES and a Gameboy, why the hell
would I want a new system? I ended up with one anyway without asking for it. Super Mario World…
How I love thee. Zelda Link to the Past is still my favorite Zelda. Super Metroid? Oh yes. Super
Street Fighter 2 was my first opportunity to spend some real time with a fighting game since I got
my ass handed to me in Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition in the arcade. Secret of Mana is my second favorite game on any system.

I wonder where I got the title for this article?


This is getting a bit wordier than I was anticipating so I’ll summarize a bit for the rest.

PC. GBC. GBA. PS1. PS2. GC. Xbox. Wii. Xbox 360. PS3. Wii U. PS4.

… I might have summarized a bit too much. Allow me to expand on that.

Genesis, Wonderswan Crystal, PCE Duo, Gamegear, Sega Power Base Converter, Neo Geo Pocket Color, N64, Saturn, AV Famicom.

Didn’t really do that much better there did I? Oh well, that’s a summary of what I had until I was unemployed from 2010 until 2012. Had to sell every single one of the above systems. Including my
200+ NES games, my 60+ SNES games, my 40+ Genesis games, etc. Now I have only a couple systems left.

My intention on this site is to concentrate on portable gaming. I feel that there’s a massive misconception
about the purpose and best use of portable systems. I’ll get into that with some opinion pieces and reviews. I may or may not be as verbose with those as I was with this.

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  • Rabite

    Wanted to end it before it got too long to read, but here’s a useless piece of trivia about me. My favorite fighting games (in no real order):

    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike OR Second Impact
    Marvel Super Heroes (none of that cross over shit here)
    Last Blade 1 and 2
    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
    King of Fighters 98 UM
    King of Fighters 13
    Street Fighter Alpha 1-3
    World Heroes 2 (DEATH MATCH!)

    And for the awful game that I enjoy despite itself: Street Fighter the Movie the Arcade Game.

    • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann
      • Rabite

        That’s some good shit sir. I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of games, but that covers most of them.

        Forgot to mention my played genres: Fighting games, Shmups, FPS (single player only), RPGs (single player only), action, Rogue-likes.
        Genres I dislike/hate: Whatever the fuck Animal Crossing is, adventure games like King’s Quest, sports, most puzzle games, anything that involves a lot of in-app purchases (fuck you Konami).

        • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

          You can always edit the blog and add those details btw. Am going to make a staff page at the weekend. There will be 2-4 more introduction blogs by quite cool people. Am going to build up the forum today including aprivate one where we can add what we are going to write in the next days t prevent that 2 people write the same news, but if you are going for real opinion blogs only that won’t affect you anyway

          • Rabite

            Yeah, I probably won’t touch on news. Not a huge fan of the modern path gaming is taking. The only thing I might cover is indie devs that I follow on Twitter if they aren’t getting shown by anybody else.

          • Rabite

            Like I said, I think the blog was getting to a point of “TL;DR”. Putting that kind of stuff in the comments prevents it from being a wall of text.

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