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Sundays are really special days, often the only ones in a week where we can sleep as long as we want and don’t have to work or go to school. When I was a kid we used to go fishing every sunday, today I am playing a lot on a sunday or watch 2-3 movies in a row.

I thought that Sundays are also good days to share pretty cool gaming websites here via a blog. One per week and you are welcome to submit me your website suggestions, that can include your own website or also youtube channels etc as well.


I have currently a few hundred websites bookmarked but visit only a few from them every week. Hardcore Gaming 101 is one of them since almost 10 years now.

The website was created by someone I shared VGM with ages ago back when Direct Connect ++ was a thing and today It is pretty successful in describing video games usually in a much better form and with many more details than on the Wikipedia or in the majority of reviews.

There are 10 pages long articles about game series sometimes, they also write about pretty obscure and unknown games, always accompanied with many screenshots and also background details about the game characters and the history of the video games and their developers.

The design on HG101 might be not super modern and beautiful, but the content there is something I consider a must-know must-see thing for gamers that care about gaming history and for more games than just the latest shooters. They have 2-3 ads on their site which is like nothing in comparison with the big gaming sites that are covered with ads from the top to the footer often, they also have a Patreon ongoing that helps them to create Gaming Books actually.

outlander hg101

What other gaming site writes a relative long article about Outlander or a beat’em up from the early nineties called Brute Force with so many details and background information?

Alongside Overclocked.Remix, Hardcore Gaming 101 was my main inspiration for my site GA-HQ actually. I hope my articles about game characters reach HG101 article quality someday.

Check out the site, it’s absolutely worth it and don’t hesitate to suggest me other gaming sites you like, especially if they are not among the biggest ones.



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