WeAreJustGamers after 2 Months

WAJG is now around 2 Months and 10 days old and saw some ups and downs. It started with me being banned from Destructoid and making a bit fun around the tag “Hoffmanntoid” and it was mostly about gaming news and some reviews. I got two pretty cool interviews, one with the hatred developers from Poland and one with the Lead Developer of FAST: Racing Neo. from Germany. Also thought out a few ideas for blog series like my “Games We Want To See Back In Action” which continues with its 2nd blog tomorrow.

The majority of the guys who wanted to write here wrote either nothing or only a few articles which is a shame, because this site could grow to something pretty unique and cool if at least a handful people would be active every week. On the positive side is Riobux who writes a gaming news article almost every weekday. Dustin is also usually busy at all weekend and adds his own memories and impressions about games and the industry in pretty nice articles. Terry309 and Rabite wrote a couple of pretty cool reviews and articles and I really hope they will be more active here again.

New on board is Brendan Corris, a longtime mate from Game-Art-HQ and DeviantART who is also posting pretty nice blogs here now from time to time.


Number-wise we got a few thousand views through my Interview last week which was blogged about on many Nintendo related?? websites. The standard is around 100 visitors now per day, with around 50-60 coming from Google and Bing, a few come from links or are direct visitors.

I myself am not very active here as well anymore when it comes to gaming news but I feel that unique blogs might be a better choice for myself, I am also always very busy with Game-Art-HQ, but WeAreJustGamers.com is very different and I like this place. Hope it grows to something bigger and the editors will get more feedback for their contributions, but I know that it can be a long and hard road to build up something big in the internet. Endurance is a must to be successful online. :-)


Greets everyone, Reinhold




  • Riobux

    Hopefully this website does grow into something bigger, as it seems to have a sharp edge that people do enjoy. I just hope it doesn’t fall into that nasty little trap where someone runs their mouth off a bit too much, causes controversy with each step and just proceeds to piss everyone off. It hasn’t yet, and I hope it continues to avoid the low-hanging fruit.

    I admit my news schedule has been a bit more erratic lately than I’d like (sometimes it’ll take from 12 to 12 to work out what to write, plan it out and get it written), but hopefully I can get back to a nice schedule in the future.