“We The People!”

After seeing what you guys are writing (The other editors here) I thought about ways to make it easy, MUCH easier for you and everyone else to always find your blogs and weekly columns.

The written articles will all get a “Made by Hoffmann ” “Made by Dustin” Made by Terry309″ etc category which allows me to add them easily to the main menu. You will be able to find the “Flaschback Friday” series by Dustin /Seadragon easily via the menu as example.


When the Rabite starts his blog series?? about handheld games, you will find them easily via the menu as well and so forth. Each of us editor’s writings won’t be “hidden after 2 weeks” like how it kinda is at the c-blog sections on some other sites. They will be a stable part of the site that can be found through the menu in 1-2 clicks.


Also, News was changed to “Fucking Gaming News”. They are..Fucking Gaming News after all.

Cheers and a great week everyone ????



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