VGM is awesome #1 – The Witcher 3 Official Soundtrack!

Video Game Music, or  in short VGM is one of my favourite music genres since over 20 years, I spend way too much money for this hobby in the past to import Official Soundtracks from Japan. Sometimes Prices that were higher than the games even. Today, with the digital revolution its a bit different and its in general affordable to buy the soundtracks instead of only pirating them.

I always thought that VGM is a topic that should get a bit more spotlight, even game reviews are often not mentioning the music anymore ..I am going to make it standard that game reviews on will always describe the music.

I doubt that we will have a Witcher 3 Review soon and that’s okay, but we can listen to the beautiful soundtrack here at least. The album with 25 tracks is a part of the Collectors Edition of Witcher 3, and if I would not have more than enough other games to enjoy finally (backlog problems yay) I would buy The Witcher 3 now. Seems its one of the first games together with MKX and Bloodborne that justify the current gen consoles that got too many lastgen remasters and ports.

Enjoy the soundtrack, it has some awesome tracks!

Composers: Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikołaj Stroiński, Percival


I listened to this soundtrack twice now, never played the game so I can’t say if the music is always fitting there, but the music itself sounds very dramatic, sometimes beautiful, sometimes grim. Like so many modern game soundtracks it does not feature any catchy melodies though.

  • Carp

    The Witcher 3s soundtrack is a goddamn Polish national treasure. Especially “Sword of Destiny” and “Sargon.”

    • R.Hoffmann

      It has really wonderful compositions but all in all I am more a fan of catchy tunes like the stage themes in the classic MegaMan games. All in all its great to listen to for sure though.

      I thought about 1-5 VGM articles per week, what do you think, a good idea?

      • Carp

        Maybe have like a weekly spotlight, or highlight a couple a week in one post and have a way for people to vote in chat on which one they like or something?

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