Vampyr May Be Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Reborn

Dontnod, developer behind Remember Me (“no.”) and Life Is Strange (which at this point may be too insane to fail), has released a few more details on their up-coming game Vampyr.

Based in 1918, London is crippled by disease, violence and fear (not much has changed in nearly 100 years). At this point, only the dim, desperate and ill-fortunate still walk the streets after the sun has set and are preyed upon by a threat more vicious than the Spanish Flu: Vampires. Jonathan E. Reid, a military surgeon, is one such person as he is transformed into a being of the night after returning from the front-lines.

The plot will involve trying to cling onto whatever little humanity you have left while making choices that will impact your fate as you hunt for answers. For what questions? Well, who knows at this point?


It is a game of interacting with a large variation of characters, although at some point you will need to feed. All of the people you are able to talk to are potential victims to your hunger, so you will eventually need to decide “who” before tracking them so they’re alone and bleeding them dry. How transformation and feeding is differentiated is unknown.

Although it isn’t just a game of walking, talking and biting down on someone’s jugular. Sometimes you’ll need to fight and shoot people and creatures to stay alive. While you’ll have a host of powers that increases in amount the more people you drink from, these are powered by your health. So caution may need to be used as you risk killing yourself while killing others.

There are also plans for there to be a crafting system, as you loot your vanquished foes for whatever knick-knacks they have stuffed in their pockets (or…Pouches if they lack clothes?). Plus, the game will let you hoard melee weapons and firearms (along with special ammunition) to help take on vicious threats.

While there is a confirmation of a RPG system, it has yet to be announced what they mean by this.

I am curious if they are able to pull off such a feat as they have planned, as all we have to go on is the trailer below, but if its quality is more akin to Life Is Strange than Remember Me then I’m definitely down. Especially as it could possibly be the best vampire game in years (ugh, memories of Vampire Rain…). If it ends up naff, well, at least there’s the World Of Darkness MMORPG by the developers behind EVE to look for- oh wait, nevermind that was cancelled. Just hope this ends up good then, eh?

Vampyr will be released in 2017 on the PS4, X-Box One and PC.

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    seems good but with no gameplay i’m totally bias.