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The website is a week old today and it went forward from being an empty wordpress blog with a standard look to Hoffmanntoid and 3 days later to the much better name and definition We Are Just Gamers.

The majority of the visitors that also comment here or write are Destructoid Members and also a few from Game-Art-HQ, Fighting-Games-Elite and the MugenGuild Community. Only time can tell what happens in the next days and weeks, I hope this is going to grow to be an own unique community with the time that can be called a “home” for some of us. I am open for ideas and suggestions regarding the site layout, functions and article ideas.

One of the next functions I try to add here are upvotes for articles, something like the dixon thumbs in the dtoid c-blogs.


The forum is online now, I am using a “Simple Machines Forum” software which is excellent, and free and comes with no ads. Tried out different themes for it but the standard one looks quite clean. I look if the colors can be changed though to match the black and white theme of the website. A registration is only needed for this website if you want to be an editor, that’s why I closed the registrations after I got a wave of spambots in the house already.

A registration for the forum is needed through, and I am going to add some functions to the forum that can help to think out ideas and texts for articles there. I am sure that not everyone here wants to become a writer and staff member, but you can still influence the website through the forum. I can install groups that can work on articles together as example.


I also tried to figure out a statement about what this site is and what we, the writers care about. There are 7 points I wrote up, and I hope they are not full of terrible grammar mistakes, otherwise please help me to fix that. Also tell me your thoughts about them. I just try to do a good job here and build up something many of us gamers can agree with.


“1. We are no professionals, we are just gamers.

2. When we share news from the gaming industry and community we don???t do it for clicks. Nobody of us earns even a cent with this website. We write about news because we found them interesting and believed they would be interesting for other gamers as well.

3. Like that, nobody of us earns money with this website. When we review a game we did not getting anything for it. Not even a free copy of the game. This won???t change ever. When we review a game and we give it a 9 or 10 we do it because we believed the game deserves a top score.

4. We don???t need to be political correct every time. If a game offends someone or a group of people we won???t ignore it simply or judge a game before we played it.

5. We will try to release only a small amount of articles about one game per week. We saw 10+ articles for one game in a week on other big commercial gaming sites because they could use the additional clicks and money through a big amount of articles that saw a big interest by many gamers. Overhyping of games like Destiny or Titanfall?? in 2014 won???t happen on WeAreJustGamers.com

6. If we use other sites as sources we are always mentioning them and linking back to them of course. The same goes for gamers and artists we write about. Full credit including a backlink should be a standard everywhere. On this site it IS the standard.

7. We will try to answer as many open questions as possible in reviews without spoiling parts of the story. To be honest, I am still working on a good concept/guideline for reviews.”

Greets, Reinhold


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