TOUKIDEN: KIWAMI looks damn fun!

Toukiden is a new game series by Tecmo/Koei and is developed by Omega Force, the guys that brought us at least one thousand “Warriors” games at least.

Its labelled as a Demon Hunter action adventure game and it seems to be a bit inspired by the popular Monster Hunter series by Capcom.

The first game of the series, Toukiden – The Age of Demons earned a 35/40 score by Famitsu when they tested the Playstation Vita version in 2013.

Toukiden: Kiwami is an enhanced version of Age of Demons and was released for the Playstation Vita and Playstation 4 already but is now also getting a PC / Steam port in June.

The game looks to me like Monster Hunter and Warriors Orochi had a child and its looking super fun. I wanted to look up reviews for the Playstation 4 version but somehow almost no website reviewed it for the Playstation 4 somehow. However, the few outlets that did gave it scores around 8/10 in general.

Did anyone of you play it?



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