Tomonobu Itagaki Untangles The Chaos Surrounding Devil’s Third’s 30 FPS, No Voice Chat And No Split Screen

Designer Tomonobu Itagaki commented on his Facebook page earlier today about the various limitations of Wii U exclusive Devil’s Third. Speaking bluntly, he talked about how the choice of hardware has impacted some recessions that have had to be made.

The first was the lack of a split screen feature, for both online and offline play, as Tomonobu had “used all the power of Wii U for single player”. He further added “That was tough tradeoff for me. Plz understand.”.

This was followed by the lack of voice chat: “We don’t equip voice chat feature. ‘Cuz we had maxed out its bandwidth to achieve online play by 16 users.” Although it wouldn’t be the first time a major Wii U title lacked voice chat (e.g. Splatoon) so it wouldn’t look too out of place with this limitation on the console.

Tomonobu Itagaki2

However, it wasn’t all doom, gloom and loom(ing disappointment), as Tomonobu went on to promise that you will be able to enjoy the entirety of the large package that is Devil’s Third unhindered with only 30FPS. Alongside this he also promised a “wide/deep/brandnew playability for you guys today”. I admit 30FPS never really struck me as much of a limitation.

I’ve personally never really been affected by the 30FPS caps in games, as unless if it drops below 30FPS I usually don’t catch the frame difference. It really takes someone to specifically make the point of displaying the difference between, say, 30FPS and 60FPS to see the small change. Maybe some people can readily tell the difference and it does bother them? Which I hope said people wouldn’t mind the cap in Devil’s Third.

The designer of Devil’s Third finally ended the Facebook post by listing the recommended playing set-up:
“Wii U of course
TV set.
PRO contoroller.
USB keyboard.
Wired Internet”

The inclusion of an USB keyboard in the recommended playing gear suggests that while voice chat isn’t going to be about, you’ll still be able to yell at people using a text chat-box. So communication is still possible for players.

Hopefully it is through the limitations something interesting comes from it. After all, game development history is a collection of games that have used limitation to breed new and interesting design choices. Devil’s Third will be released in Europe on the 28th of August, although no release date has been announced for North America. Just the promises of Tomonubu that it will be released there at some point.

It appears there are a lot of promises on the table, it is just a question of if people are willing to accept them.