Those new V-Skills and other specials look awesome in Street Fighter V and its newest Trailer – Psycho Power!

Capcom released a new trailer for Street Fighter V which is not only super stylish but also shows some of the new gameplay features and techniques for the characters. Completely new is the V-bar which takes the place of the Revenge gauge, fills up as you get beat up and allows every character a unique ability and extra moves as well. Enjoy the trailer!


Here is a complete breakdown:

Focus Attacks, FADC, Red Focus, Ultras: Gone.

EXs: back, but without the Ultra moves players have to choose between EXs and a big super.
Critical Arts: Supers. Uses full stock of normal meter.

V-meter: takes the place of the Revenge gauge, fills up as you get beat up.

V-Skill: a unique ability each character has, can be used for free.
V-Trigger: another unique ability each character has, costs the entire V-meter, usually an activation of some sort.
V-Revenge: an Alpha Counter that uses one stock of V-meter.

  • Attacks hit harder than in USF4, games are faster.
  • Chip damage cannot kill unless from a Critical Arts attack.
  • No 360 moves were in the game (but then again no characters revealed so far have 360 motions.
  • One frame links still around, but apparently easier to pull off.
  • There are more special stage finishes than what we saw at Capcom Cup.
  • Characters generally only have one Critical Art, but in some cases, Critical Arts done during V-Trigger will unlock new versions.



I dunno if it was mentioned before but at the end of the trailer there is the message that pre-ordering Street Fighter V gives you access for the beta.