This Vega (Claw) Cosplayer looks leggit!

The Costume itself, the Tattoo, the pose and last but not least the body, everything here screams : Vega! The crazy and narcist Street Fighter character who will hopefully  join Shadaloo once more in Street Figher V and gets a new stage set in a cage actually.

I really miss how the characters had  their own stages that fit their characters and fighting styles. A volcano in the background might be impressive but it felt so damn random in Street Fighter IV like almost all the stages there. Give Vega a stage again where he can do some crazy moves that involve the cage, maybe even have a stage for every character where they can do moves they can’t do elsewhere.

This excellent cosplay was done by Van Lim Photography, the cosplayer himself is Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” Ting


  • sonic429

    Hey Hoffman, I wrote that Arkham origins review last night but it’s not showing up on the main page. Am I doing it wrong?

    • R.Hoffmann

      Heya, nope you did nothing wrong, I am reading through the review right now, but please make a forum account, so we can talk about things like that there and not in the comment sections

      • The French Angel

        Hey yo, my friend. Seems like Vic Venom Byte finally got banned from 411.

        All of his comments disappeared.

        • R.Hoffmann

          Heh. Lets see how long it takes until he returns with a different nick. The TNA article comment sections will hopefully not be flooded by nonsense there anymore now.

          • The French Angel

            Unfortunately, I am going to have to stay away from 411 myself.

            Not banned but from reading the comments, seems like he thinks that I had something to do with it.

            And you know Vic, he’ll be looking for revenge under whatever new name he comes back under.

            He had it coming, though. He just kept saying the same thing under every article about TNA in articles not related to TNA. Csonka must have gotten fed up with it.

            Take care my friend. This is a cool site, btw!.

          • R.Hoffmann

            Yeah..I know a bit about being annoying sometimes by myself but he really overdid it. Spreading hatehatehate does never work well for a long time, especially if you are contradiccting yourself often and write this is bad about something..than the company does the opposite and it was still somehow bad for him.

            Thanks, I try to make it a nice site, an alternative to the big gaming sites where you can read the same stuff everywhere and the biggest differences are the different layouts.

            You are welcome to be here stimes if you care about video games and like to see well done cosplayers like the one above as example

    • R.Hoffmann

      Just made a big header for it, also added a video and the wii U cover to the review but please make a forum account. There are some details like how to add the positive and negative featured rows I would like to show you how they work

      • sonic429

        Just took care of that. It’s the same user name.

        • R.Hoffmann

          Thankies ^^ am going to make you a global admin there so you can see the admin forum, I am going to write a post there about the review stuff, can you add a short introduction to your review still? Something about Origins being the third of the three arkham games, it being the 2nd batman on wii U, that it was made aby a different developer team etc.

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