The Legend Will Never Die – Keiji Inafune hints at spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends

A new teaser trailer has cropped up in a Mighty No.9 Kickstarter update that suggests the next project by comcept: Red Ash: The Indelible Legend.

The one minute trailer revealed that Red Ash would be a collaborative work with comcept and Studio 4c and included various concept artwork. Although perhaps most interestingly is the various phrases at the start of the teaser:
“Some legends shape our lives…”
“Some legends leave us with the promise of a new tomorrow…”
“And some legends herald greatness, only to lose their way…”

Taken at it’s face value (as I originally did), it hints at being a story about legends. Although some, such as Koji Igarashi in a Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Kickstarter update, suggests it may be something else:
“But while we’re here to tell you about things to look forward to, our friends at Comcept posted a very unusual update to the Mighty No. 9 campaign today. If you happen to be a fan of games and styles that conventional publishers have long ignored—and I’m hazarding a guess that you might be—this video should be relevant to your interests.


2015 is looking like a pretty good year to be a fan of cult-classic Japanese games from the 32-bit era, even if we still haven’t gotten the sequel to “No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!” I’ve been begging for. “

Could the phrases actually be a not-so-subtle snarky comment about Capcom’s attitude towards Megaman Legends? That is currently the most likely and most popular theory of the introductory phrases.

All will hopefully be revealed on the 4th of July at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Maybe another Kickstarter this way comes? Either way, perhaps the fireworks will help mark the occasion of whatever occurs.

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