The Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Intro

DMC4 Special Edition is the first Devil May Cry Game since 2008 and looks really good for a remaster, its cool that we get 3 additional characters with Vergil, Trish and my favourite of them all, Lady. Some Direct-Feed-Gaming Youtube dude just uploaded the Intro of the new edition of Devil May Cry 4 that features all 5 characters. Thought its share-worthy.



Thanks for bringing back Dante @ Capcom :-)



  • FullmetalJ

    I really, really hope they remaster Dragon’s Dogma next.

    That F2P sequel announcement was a fucking disaster and I don’t know why they went for it.
    The game was done on a “low” AAA budget and exceeded the 500k expectations up to 2mil+

    Maybe putting out those remasters will make them go a little in the Nintendo route and make them realize that they shouldn’t reinvent and broaden their franchises all the time.

    Here’s Resident Evil, it’s for Resident Evil fans.
    Here’s Devil May Cry, it’s for Devil May Cry fans.
    Here’s Mega Mango, it’s for Mega Mango fans.

    • FullmetalJ

      You know who tried to appeal to a broader audience?
      Sonic the Hedgehog.

      You know who didn’t do that?

      • R.Hoffmann

        ’nuff said

      • Luke_The_Ripper

        Actually, not completely the case.
        Nintendo did delve into multiple genres with their Mario franchise, some good, like all the Mario RPG series (which all got terrible in the latest 3DS installments for some reason…), but it also had a swarm of shit like Mario’s Preschool Fun, Mario Is Missing, Mario Teaches Typing, etc. which most fans continently “forget” about.
        Sega too had it’s share of hits and misses, but for some reason a vast amount of “fans” make sit their goal to badmouth every bad Sonic game there is, convinently “forgetting” the really great ones among the newer games, like Sonic Generations which is the best Sonic game so far IMO.

        So I’d say it’s more about the fanbase’s attitude rather than what the companies did.

  • Terry 309

    God just release this already!!!

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