The Boss Battle with Whispy Woods in Kirby’s Dream Land – Fan Art Appreciation

The artwork is beautiful, isn’t it? Bleachbender was one of the gamers from the Game-Art-HQ that went for the hard route and asked to get three choices of boss characters he never drew as part of the Boss Challenge we had there a few weeks ago.?? He took Whispy Woods and while he was not familiar with the game and the boss fight he was able to illustrate the boss battle with all its details like the falling spike enemies and Kirby having inhale and spit the apples back at Whispy.

Bleachbender is a contributor to GA-HQ Projects now since years and also one of the artist I invited personally for our Link’s Blacklist 2015 Project that will arrive in September-October. He is drawing Demise, the final boss from Zelda: Skyward Sword for it.

  • sonic429

    That final boss fight with Demise was incredibly epic. IMHO the most badass final fight in the series (although the Gannon/Gannondorf fight from Ocarina of Time was pretty amazing too)

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