Tease Upon Tease – Vanillaware And Atlus Teases An Announcement That May Be Related To A Previous Tease

After an announcement of Odin’s Sphere: Leifdrasir for the PS4, PS3 and Vita during a live-stream, a teaser appeared hinting at a Vanillaware’s and Atlus’s next project.

As the trailer above suggests, there isn’t much to take away except more details will be provided in September and it is probably sci-fi related. That’s always been the tricky thing about reporting teasers and announcements of announcements (which could have at least fuelled some tuttering, if it wasn’t the only announcement by Vanillaware at the time); that there is so little to report. Could it be related to a picture they put up on their website at the beginning of the year?


…Yeah, probably.

Here’s to hoping Atlus managed to get the rights to System Shock, and this is going to be an unique interpretation of the series. Although considering EA likely owns the property, I get the feeling I’m going to get disappointed.