Splatoon Boss Sound Effects and Game Theories in General…

This is a bit of an extra bonus post. I had no intentions of posting this, but upon hearing the recent news, I felt ???why not???? I???ll be posting a regular retro post soon.

So, as many gamers know, something that has become increasingly popular on the internet is ???video game theories???. Now, I???m okay with gamers speculating their favorite games??? lore and worlds, but as a whole, it???s reached the point of ridiculous. Gamers go into games trying as hard as they can to crack some conspiracy in the game despite what the product is. I namely see this level of ridiculousness in Nintendo fans. Your typical Nintendo theory is ???is Peach dead in Super Mario Bros.???? or ???was Link dead in Majora???s Mask???. No. No Nintendo character is meant to be secretly dead but exists only in a symbolic sense. Games like Mario are skin deep. Even Zelda, which is regarded as a much more story heavy series, is incredibly simplistic. The only twist we usually get in Zelda games is that the villain was Ganon the whole time, or a major female lead will reveal she was ???using you???.

I feel Nintendo fans, or at least these Nintendo fans, feel they have to find these ???dark??? moments and messages as a way to prove a point. By large, the Nintendo fanbase is regarded as the childish crowd in the gaming community. Nintendo???s known for children???s games that are simple but fun and boast cute, colorful characters and worlds. Much like many other modern fans who love things like Disney or children???s shows, these Nintendo fans, rather than just saying ???fuck it, I like what I like???, feel they have to prove to the rest of the gaming world that their fandom is not childish or cute and that it can be just as dark as all the ???M??? rated games on competitor???s consoles (which is completely not true). So, to prove to everyone that they aren???t being childish for liking these things, rather than just enjoying them, they feel the need to reveal that underneath the thin cute mask, Nintendo games and Disney cartoons are sick, twisted, nightmarish games for more mature audiences. They???re not. Believe me, if you look hard enough at anything, you can find ways it could be ???dark??? or ???messed up???. Hell, I???m sure if you over-analyzed ???Spot???s First Picnic??? this much you could find some ???dark moments???.

But, that being said, these theories aren???t going anywhere, and every now and then there is something out of place in these games. 02 from Kirby 64 and Giygas from Earthbound are popular examples of creepiness being casually slipped into the seemingly cutest of games. The moment I found most fucked up in a Nintendo game was Bowser slowly being killed until reduced to a pile of lifeless skeletal remains at his own son???s feet in New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, but Bowser Jr. tosses his dad???s corpse into a stew pot, he comes back, and now Bowser and Dead Bowser have somehow learned to co-exist and drive racecars together, along with baby and metal versions of everybody they know, so I guess things worked out just peachy???.??? Anyway, while these darker moments exist here and there (though something tells me the Bowser one wasn???t intended to be so dark???somehow) you can???t deny that these games are generally made for children and are as clean as can be.

In a recent discovery by GameFAQs user marioluigi67890, we learned of some eerie sound effects that can be heard in Splatoon about 10 minutes (give or take) after defeating the final Octarian boss in story mode. Many describe the sounds as ???disturbing??? and say ???it sounds like something is dying???. Why the sounds are in the game and what they are intended to be is anyone???s guess, but, of course, the theories have already come in full force. You can listen to the sound file here: ??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz7YxOiZh5Q

After listening to the sounds I???ll admit, they are weirdly creepy sounding, and they may be intended to sound that way. On another note, the supposed moans and shrieks that accompany the metal sounds could very well also be metallic sounds, and huge robotic tentacles fill the dome in which this battle takes place. However, people are already assuming the story to Splatoon is a dark tale in which we control the villains. Based on the stories told by the unlockable ???deep sea scrolls??? obtained in the game, you learn that the Octarian lands are falling apart, and that the zap fish is their power source. So, people have come to the conclusion that the Inklings are causing mass genocide to get more power, and that those sounds at the end are the dying screams of the Octarian race as their world falls apart. Yeah, I don???t think that???s the case. Sure, it COULD make sense for an ingenious metaphor for modern society ??? the Inklings, who are gluttons for fashion and entertainment label a civilization with less than them as villains, raid their world, steal their power sources that they can use for their own entertainment???s sake until the ???enemy??? is left with nothing, and all were killed carelessly in the process. I know, ???ain???t that America???, ???little pink houses for you and me??? and all that jazz, but, honestly, I think people would be giving the Splatoon team far more credit than they deserve in that case.

If Nintendo wanted to create a dark, symbolic metaphor for modern first class society and their impact on dying nations (that sentence already sounds ridiculous) I doubt they would do it through a game about cute squid kids shooting each other with colorful Super Soakers. Splatoon is clearly intended to be as light-hearted and simply fun as all of Nintendo???s other major IPs. The noises can easily be deduced to industrial ambiance, spooky ambiance for the final stage, or the developers just being trolls. As much as fans of silly, cute media want their fandoms to be dark, gritty, and macabre, they just aren???t. If you really want that kind of stuff so badly, then why do you even like these sorts of things? The Octarians are just supposed to be evil bad guys, there???s no mass genocide going on, and the Inklings aren???t meant to be evil. In my book, the case is closed.

Obviously, people will continue to make these drastic theories, and all I gotta say is, well, just enjoy the damn game for what it is.

Written by: Brendan