Shia Lebouf, Uwe Boll and the Cookie Monster – 3 Reasons Why I Love The Internet

The Internet is great for so many things, like this website, Ebay, Amazon, Google and of course Youtube and what the people upload there.


I wanted to share these three videos with you that are all quite unique and especially the first one which shows a part of a very very emotional motivational speech by one of my favourite actors ever, Shia LeBouf?? made me laughing a lot in the last days. This video inspired around 200 parody and satire videos already and I have only one suggestion for you now. Watch the Video…DO IT! YES YOU CAN! DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS!


The next one comes from Uwe Boll, mastermind behind the terrible House of the Dead?? movie, The Postal one (which had some funny scenes at least) and the guy who is known for challenging Michael Bay to a boxing match. He tried to get a sequel for Postal funded via Kickstarter a while ago and well..almost nobody backed his project.

It was all pretty bad for him. But Uwe Boll is not a quitter..just like Shia and so he tried it again with Rampage 2 as another kickstarter project.

Guess what happened?

Almost nobody cared. neither on Indiegogo and not on KS either.. So Uwe is being Uwe and sends kickstarter and crowdfunding a nice video with an important message: “Fuck You All”

We will miss great movies his ones for sure =/


The last of the three videos is not as intense or vulgar, it’s simply about having a good time with the Cookie Monster. Have a good time and a nice start into the new week. Everyone hates Mondays because work and school and all that, so lets start it with some funny trash ????



  • R.Hoffmann

    This makes the Motivational video even better:

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