Seadragon Speaks: The inner workings of one Seadragon (AKA what makes me tick)

I would of done this as a Saturday Sillies post, but guess what came back to give me more grief? That’s right… the heat! See, I’m a fat guy and fat guys don’t do well with hot temps. In fact, I nearly overheated… which would of really sucked.

But, for today… I thought that instead of a serious thought provoking piece for Seadragon Speaks, I thought ‘You know, I bet you that most people here want to know how I do things and what makes me tick’. OK… let’s start at the beginning.

Reinhold, the head man here at We Are Just Gamers, was asking for help to get the site off the ground. Being the curious little bugger that I am, I asked if I could help. You see, I had a dream at one time to be a journalist. This place has, in a way, allowed me to relive those dreams that have since died off. Well, I asked and he said ‘Sure.’ I asked what did he need for the site and he said to come up with some sort of weekly series. This is where Flashback Friday, Saturday Sillies and Seadragon Speaks were born.

Flashback Friday focused on games of the past. Some of the games I’ve done have gotten some attention and others.. well, I know this place doesn’t get a lot of people on the message boards.

Saturday Sillies allows me to have fun and look at the lighter side of gaming. I’ve done a couple of Top 10 lists and created a parody of late night infomercials that is largely based on an older video selling Halo 3 Porn. That’s right… Halo 3 Porn..

Seadragon Speaks is when I get serious. There are always issues with the community and the industry that I look at what’s going on, do some research on it and make an opinion from said research. It may not be pretty, but I do get my point across.

Now, some of you are saying ‘Research? Who has time for that when we have Wikipedia?’ Well, part of that research is done thanks to that site. When I mentioned the part about the Atari porn games not being ‘Swedish’ and actually made in the States, that was from a quick look at Wikipedia on the company. I never knew that it was an offshoot of a famous porno film company. The more you know, I guess. There is also TV Tropes, which I adore so much… not just for research purposes, but to make me laugh. There’s GameFAQS, a site that is the actual internet birthplace of yours truly… and there is Gamespot. This site is where I get most of the news stories that I do mention on this site. Even though they do some questionable things, I haven’t been steered wrong by them yet.

Sometimes, what I say may come from what I read online. For example, when I mentioned that Deadpool may have placed dildos on wires… that’s because In Portland (45 minutes south of Longview), someone (or somebody) has actually hung dildos on wires. I wish that was made up, but Portland has a reputation of being weird.

Most of all, I do this because it makes me happy. I finally have a platform to use so I can spread my knowledge of video games. Whether you accept it or not is your choice.. but it allows me to be happy in talking about what I like. I thank Reinhold for this opportunity. In a way, I can relive the dream that I once had. I will always be a gamer, no matter what anyone says…