Seadragon Speaks: The E3 Preview Special (and Bake Sale)

With E3, gaming’s Super Bowl, literally right around the corner and I think it’s a fair idea for me to see what I think is going happen with the Big 3 and some other things within E3.


As usual, Microsoft will take the first swing with a 9:30 am (PST) event that has been traditionally televised by Spike. Once again, that’s the case. What I expect is pretty simple…
Focus on Rise of the Tomb Raider: This game being a timed exclusive will be a key part of the event. I expect it will be a big showing.
Halo 5 News: With Halo 5: Guardians on the horizon, now is a perfect time to start talking about mechanics and whatnot. Oh, and a release date would be nice… not that I care or anything.
New Gears of War?: There is talk of a new title in the Gears of War franchise, and what better way to make a debut then during the event.

Oh, and one last thing: Please make Season 3 of Killer Instinct! Pretty please with Tusk and Kim Wu on top??


With most of the games being on their PS4, Sony looks like they will have nothing to really worry about… but, just in case.
Uncharted 4: With the Uncharted Collection recently being outed, it makes sense to talk about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.
Last Guardian, anyone?: There’s rumors that The Last Guardian, a game that seems to be stuck in the kind of development hell that was reserved for Duke Nukem Forever, might appear at E3. I can only hope this is true.
Return of the… Crash?: There’s an image that this site (cheap pop AHOY!) has up that tease a possible return of Crash Bandicoot. What this means is anyone’s guess… but it might mean that Sony’s original mascot has finally returned to his home.

One last thing: If you guys can make the PS4 cheaper, I’d be happy. See, I want to get a PS4 in the future (so I can play Mortal Kombat X, of course) and $400 isn’t exactly floating around in my banking account right now. If you like lower the price by $50, I would be glad. Thanks.


Nintendo already made the first splash of E3 with today’s Super Smash Brothers event that finally revealed Ryu to the roster (Oh, Roy was added too.. but he, along with every GODDAMN Fire Emblem character in the roster can go burn in a roaring tire fire for all I care!). What else can we expect from the Big N?
Star Fox Wii U: The Star Fox franchise has been dormant for some time until news of a Wii U game appeared. My hope is that it’s a new story taking place after the events of the last game and not a reboot like what Star Fox 64 did.
Mario Maker: Can’t be a Nintendo event without a Mario game, right? The bad news… I can just see someone either doing a Kaizo Mario stage or creating a stage that has dicks on it.
Original Ideas: Can’t talk about Nintendo without complaining about the lack of original ideas, you know. I just hope that Nintendo does have something up their sleeves at their event.

One last thing: How about a new F-Zero, ya jerks!

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