Saturday Sillies: What if… #1 – Capcom Fighting All Stars Reborn

Part of Saturday Sillies will look at what could of been… What if. There are plenty of things out there that could of happened, but never did happen.

One of those was Capcom Fighting All Stars. This game was going to have some of Capcom’s greatest characters involved, but it was cancelled… the reasons where never known. In it’s place was the haphazard Capcom Fighting Evolution.

So, what if CFAS was brought back to life? Here’s how I would do it…

-Forget any storyline here. This is going to be a dream match between the realms created by Capcom.
-This game would be Capcom’s answer to SNK’s King of Fighters series: 3-on-3 team battles with an added caveat… you can choose your team leader and if he or she is left, then that character gets access to a ‘Last Resort’ super that can turn the tide of battle.
-As per the course, traditional Capcom style buttons will be used here.

As for the Teams.

Team Street Fighter
-Chun Li

Team Street Fighter Alpha

Team Street Fighter III

Team Darkstalkers

Team Final Fight

Team Red Earth

Team Star Gladiator

Team Rival Schools

Team Sengoku Basara
-Date Masamunte
-Toyotomi Hideyoshi
-Tokugawa Ieyasu

Team Action ‘n Adventure
-Mega Man
-Strider Hiryu

Team Old School
-Michelle Heart
-Black Tiger

Team New School
-Viewtiful Joe

-Oda Nobunaga

Secret Fighters
-Jon Talbain
-Tiffany Lords

There you go… now, your turn. Did I make any mistakes? Did I leave someone you wanted out? Go ahead and speak your mind. Until then… ciao!

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