Saturday Sillies: The Top 10 Games of E3 2015

With E3 in the books, it’s a good time to look at the games that made an impact on yours truly. These 10 games are the games I thought were awesome in every way. Your opinion might differ, and you can always voice your opinion in the comments. Now, we start the show…

10. Transformers Devastation

Let me be clear here: I’m a big fan of Transformers. I grew up with the series and have enjoyed most, if not all, of the animated incarnations of it. Yet, the stench of the Bayformer movie franchise is hard for me to deal with… I liked the first movie. But, then things changed after the second one. All of these things that were never in the cartoons or the comics were just thrown in for shits and giggles. The focus was mostly on the humans (because, let’s face it, horny teenage boys love the idea of beating off to Megan Fox) and there were some things that just made me cringe. To me, the movie franchise after the first one is an abomination and Michael Bay should be drawn and quartered for fucking my childhood with no lube.

WHEW! Now that I’m done ranting… The games were given a better fate. War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron were great games. But, Rise of the Dark Spark stunk… why? Guess what evil had to stick their damn nose into the games? Now, there’s a new game and I could only hope that it was good… and my god… it is. It’s so beautiful! The look of this game just screams G1 and the action is great to watch. Kinda helps when you have the world’s beat action game creator, Platinum Games, doing the the development. It also helps that the director of Metal Gear Rising is also directing this game… see, Platinum fell flat on their face with the Legend of Korra. This was the first time (to my knowledge) that a Platinum made game got poor scores by reviewers. It has fueled them to make sure that this game doesn’t flop… and from the looks of it, that won’t happen.

9. Mother Russia Bleeds

As part of the Devolver Digital group of games coming for the PS4 and PC, not much was known off the bat… until you see the trailer. This game is best described with an equation:

Streets of Rage’s game mechanics + Hotline Miami’s graphics + Mortal Kombat’s over the top violence + MOTHER RUSSIA! = Mother Russia Bleeds

This game has potential in my eyes. There is nothing like a good beat ’em up and it’s sad to see that the genre is, for all intents and purposes, dead. This game could give the genre a spark… and, of course, some freshly made 100% Russian Vodka!

8. Rare Replay

Game collections are always a good cheap way to make a buck. Just bundle a bunch of older games and sell it for cheap and voila! Rare has jumped on this wagon and now we have a collection of 30 games for Xbox One for $30. You have classic games like Battletoads (both the NES and the Arcade version), Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Games that time has forgotten like Sabre Wulf, RC Pro-Am, and Grabbed by the Ghoulies. It’s a great deal and if you have an Xbox One or are a huge fan of Rare games, you shouldn’t pass this up.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

OK, so it’s not the big Wii U game that we were promised, but it’s a Zelda game. It harkens back to the days of Four Swords Adventures and the idea of having to team up with your friends to solve puzzles and beat enemies. For a 3DS game, it has potential.

6. ReCore

What do you get when you have Keiji Inafune and some of the guys that made Metroid Prime working on a game? You get ReCore. There isn’t much beyond the trailer for this game, but what a trailer. You actually felt bad for the robo-dog as he sacrificed himself to save the girl. I want to know more about this game…

5. Star Fox Zero

Once a franchise that had some buzz, Star Fox has fallen off the wagon… until now. Star Fox Zero might be the game the fans have wanted for this series. It helps that Platinum Games is doing the development here… and remember the last time Nintendo and Platinum teamed up? Yeah… it brought a worthy Game of the Year candidate in Bayonetta 2. Now they have a chance to revive a staggering Nintendo franchise. There is very high hopes here.

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake

I’m not an RPG fan. My patience level would never let me try and play through one because I want to beat a game quickly, not grind my way through. But, there is one exception: Final Fantasy X. This game, to me, represents the idea of challenging myself and my skills. Of course, when anyone talks about Final Fantasy, one game comes to mind: VII. There have been rumors of a remake for years. It’s one of the great mysteries of gaming… and then, Sony drops the bomb. VII will get a proper HD remake for the PS4. I’ve never played this game… I think it’s high time I finally get acquainted with this one.

3. Dreams

If there is one thing I love about video games, it’s the use of imagination. It allows one to be the hero who saves the day from the clutches of an evil hoard of aliens or the detective who solves a murder mystery. One can be the quarterback who threw the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl or the explorer who finds the ruins of an ancient city. Little Big Planet helped fuel the imagination of millions of players worldwide… and now, Dreams has the same heart and soul that Little Big Planet has. To be able to live out another player’s dream could be a great adventure for a player like myself.. I can’t wait to see what Dreams are out there.

2. The Last Guardian

People who know me online knows that I like… scratch that, love The Last Guardian. There is something about this game that makes me feel warm and happy inside. To see the boy and his pet, the bird-dog thing, reminds me of how it’s like to have a pet. This game languished in the bowels of development hell for some time until this E3. Not only were we treated to game play for the first time, but it opened the Sony presser! This game alone would of been number 1 had it not been for a game that came straight out of left field…

1. Shenmue III

And this is that game. Shenmue was a classic game for the Sega Dreamcast and when it came out 14 years ago, it blew people away. Yet, the events of Shenmue II have left the door open for a third game… for years, this series has been left on the dust bin of history. That is, until the series creator appeared on the floor of Sony’s event and launched the Kickstarter for this game. As of writing, the Kickstater has gotten $3.4 million. Well above the $2 million goal… the game might not be out until 2017, but for this year, Shenmue reigns supreme.

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