Saturday Sillies: The Art of Smack Talk

Hey, you… you there, playing that fancy first person shooter that everyone loves. You’ve gotten your ass handed to you plenty of times, right?


People think you’re like Kitana in MKX before her fight with Cage: Hot, but can’t trash talk… right?

*nods again*

Then I have something for you… I present: Seadragon and the Art of Smack Talk! This book, which is available for the low price of 15 rupees, will teach you all that you need to know about smack talk. In it, you’ll learn things such as…

Racial Stereotypes
Homophobic Comments
Xenophobic Comments
Yo Mama Jokes!
Teabagging 101: The Art of Making Bitches eat DEEZ NUTZ!!
The ‘handy-dandy list of family members that I’ve fucked’ list comes included with your purchase

And if you order now, you’ll also get an audiobook version of the Art of Smack Talk and a free Blu-Ray copy of Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate Porn Edition. That’s right, the Xbox fans’ favorite fight is now their favorite fapping material. Watch as Kasumi and Ayane play on the beach in bikinis so small that nothing is left to imagination. Watch your favorite DoA chicks get naughty under the sheets… and then stay for a very super special treat after the credits. ????

But, that’s not all! Order in the next 6.75 minutes and you’ll also get the digital version for your phone, tablet or reader of your choice. Read on your iPhone as you deliver righteous amounts of total asskicking all over the place.

So, that’s the physical copy, the audio copy, the digital copy and DoA 5: Ultimate Porn Edition on Blu-Ray for the low, low price of 15 rupees!! What are you waiting for, a fucking Torgue gun to drop from the sky?!? ORDER THIS SHIT NOW!!!!


Please note that this edition of Saturday Sillies is entirely made of satire and there is no such book as the Art of Smack Talk.. but there is DoA porn out there.

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