Saturday Sillies: Best of the Rest – Non-MK Finishers

Most of you guys may remember the first edition of Saturday Sillies, where I made a list of the Top 10 finishers that weren’t in Mortal Kombat. Well, there are plenty of other finishers out there that didn’t make the list. I call these the ‘Best of the Rest’

Samurai Shodown V Special – O.G. X-Ray

Samurai Shodown has had it’s share of blood, but V Special amped up the violence level to 11 on the dial. It also introduced a universal finishing move known as the ‘Zetsumei Ougi’ (Translation: Killing Secret). This allows the characters to kill with style, and no one did it better then the famous ninja Hanzo Hattori. His finisher is best described as an X-Ray move before it got introduced in MK 9. He starts with an arm breaker, then dislocates the hip, takes his foe with him for a ride up to rib breaking town, then finishes it with a skull crushing finale that would impress even the most jaded of violence lovers. It’s stylish and a great example of using a character’s signature skills for a great kill.

Clayfighter 63 1/3 – Insult Fest!

Clayfighter is a great example of a parody. Combining elements of popular fighters at the time with it’s zany over the top antics made quite the game for the Nintendo 64. One of these fighters was T-Hoppy. This robo-rabbit had a finisher where the opponent would turn into you and an insult fest would start…

‘You Suck!’
‘You Blow!
‘Your mother was a Claymate!
OUCH! You need a ride in the Hurtmobile!

As the other Hoppy tries to run… BOOM! Gunned down. The humor drives this one and all the other finishers in this game.

Ultra Vortek – Crapped Out

It seems like the Jaguar was home to crappy MK ripoffs. Ultra Vortek was one of them and this game has a finisher where you can turn your foe into… a giant pile of stinking crap. Points for originality, I suppose.

Time Killers – One Shot

BloodStorm’s sister game was Time Killers and this game introduced the idea of having a simple decap just end the match. One press of all four buttons and WHACK! Off with his (or her if you use Matrix or Mantazz) head. In some stages, the head either fall off a skyscraper or take a drink in the sea.

Those are some of the finishers that I’ve considered. Go ahead and voice your opinion in the comments section and say which one should of been added to this list, or should of been taken off.

  • R.Hoffmann

    So thats where te Netherrealm Studios borrowed their idea for the X-Rays from ????

    Nice list!

  • Rabite

    Time Killers had an alternate version if the opponent was dizzy. All you had to do was get enough head shots in and they’d be dizzy and you could hit all 5 buttons for an even better kill.

  • sonic429

    For some reason these screenshots make me want to play War Gods….

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