Saturday Sillies: Best of the Rest – Games of E3 2015

A few weeks, I put out a list of what I thought were the best games of E3 2015. Well, the list did have a few holes in it… namely the absence of games like Cuphead, Doom 4 and Fallout 4. So, allow me to rectify this mistake with a list of the games that barely missed the list. This will be in alphabetical order, so here we go…


This indie game for the Xbox One was the game that got bumped off thanks to Transformers Devastation… and maybe the Zelda game. Anyhow, this game harkens back to the days of 1930’s animation with it’s look. There is something about a game that can look good and can play well and this game can easily reach that goal. I feel that this will be a surprise hit when it comes out.

Doom 4

Despite the simple name, Doom 4 was a game that I didn’t really look at until after the event and after I created the list. But, I took the time to do so and I came out impressed. This game feels like a throwback to the original game that created the first person shooter genre. It’s just you against the demons of hell… oh, and the violence. When you can get the Queen of the Social Justice Warriors to say that it’s too much violence, you’re doing something right. It feels like the guys at Id Software looked at the famed mod Brutal Doom and said ‘You know what? We can do better then that. We can have the high level of violence in our game as well’. It feels like Doom.

Fallout 4

The Fallout games aren’t exactly my cup of tea. Again, RPG’s are such a grind and I always seem to suck at first person shooters. The Fallout series has always shown a strong look into their world. This game continues that trend. It also looks very beautiful… there’s something about the series that can create a bleak landscape and make it look good. This game can easily continue the legacy of the series.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The guys at Guerrilla Games know how to make a good shooter… remember, they did the Killzone series. The clash between man (or in this case, woman) and machine is something that has always been played out in countless forms of media and this game is an another example of that struggle. I think it has potential, but I want to see more of it before giving out too much judgement.

Street Fighter V

Despite the game being announced way before E3, this game still resonates for two reasons. One… well, it’s Street Fighter. It’s the O.G. of fighting games. Everyone knows this game. Two… the fact that it’s a PS4 exclusive. People bitched about that (and still do), but I see it as a throwback to the days of the console wars. Back in the day, the Super Nintendo was lucky enough to get the original Street Fighter II for their console. This meant that your friend who had a Sega Genesis had to either come and visit you or break down and buy a Super Nintendo for his Street Fighter fix. Sega struck back and got the Champion Edition and then Super came out and both consoles had that game. Embrace this shit, PS4 owners… make those Xbox One owners jealous (But, not that jealous… I want them to be happy with Killer Instinct)

And that ends this list… I’m pretty sure there are other games that I missed and people will say so. That’s just how it is.