Rumor: New Platinum Game is Devil May Cry?!?

JP Kellams the Creative Producer of Scalebound at PlatinumGames tweeted this short after the announcement that Platinum Games will show a new game at the E3 next week.


Might=May Cry. Devil May Cry.


Holy Shit if thats true :-)

  • Terry 309

    I doubt it, Capcom are responcible for that. After the Ninja Theory fiasco, i don’t think it would be a good idea either.

    • R.Hoffmann

      But what is Capcom really developing by themselfes now aside from a few mobile games?

      They outsourced everything to the point that they are mainly a publisher now and not a developer anymore.

      • Terry 309

        Well there’s DMC 4 SE, sure it’s a remaster but it’s still got new stuff added to it. Don’t forget that they’d have to balance all the new characters too.

        • XxNemesisxX

          It is STILL an incomplete game even after those 8 years. They just added 3 new characters out of which 2 don’t have super forms while you still need to try your hardest in order to keep up as regular Dante. I will be getting the game anyway but with the new characters, the small amount of content will be even more obvious now…
          If they can make a big new game (except SF5) that would not be seriously flawed (Resident Evil 7, DMC5, maybe an actual Megaman game) then I can be convinced.

          • Terry 309

            It’s not exactly a directors cut.

  • Luke_The_Ripper

    Well, would be fun to see Kamiya do his magic again. We need something to clear the shame after Ninja Theory’s version like we needed one after DMC2… and since after DMC2 we had the still-breathtaking DMC3… this better be good…

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