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Final Fantasy Adventure Review

Welcome to Portable Retro Review, where I’ll be reviewing classic portable games. I’ll also be seeing how well they hold up. I’m going to start with a game that is near and dear to me, Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest/Seiken Densetsu (Legend of the Holy Sword): Final Fantasy Gaiden for Game


Batman Arkham Origins Review (Wii U)

  Graphics 7.0 I’ve always found the world of Batman to be fascinating, it’s dark and brooding, full of scum and villainy, and Batman himself seems like the perfect fit for that world. Here in Arkham Origins, it’s fairly well represented. Much like Arkham City you get to explore the


Need For Speed Carbon Review

Now as we all know, EA are a greedy publisher. Their development team Black Box on the other hand are actually not that bad and it shows through Need For Speed Carbon. Completely ignoring the controversy behind EA, I’m giving Need For Speed Carbon a fair chance. Need For Speed

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