Rage Against The Microsoft Machine – Platinum Game’s Hideki Kamiya Loses His Patience With Microsoft

Earlier today, Hideki Kamiya tweeted an exacerbated sigh of a tweet:

Tweeter Japanese

Translated by NeoGaf and Game On Daily’s Keita Iisaka, it reads:
“Those shits at MS… are they fucking with me…?”

I wish I could say I’ve stealthily hidden the context of such an insulting comment, but I haven’t. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared into the winds of the internet as it was deleted. Although people were quick to screenshot and share with others the tweet.

However there are two popular theories about why Kamiya is as furious as he was. Although both are centred around Microsoft’s behaviour surrounding the promotion of Platinum Game’s up-and-coming X-Box One exclusive Scalebound. The first revolves around Gamescom, as he tweeted recently how:

Gamescom Prop

Although what may be a more likely theory is Kamiya is frustrated with Microsoft’s marketing of Scalebound. He describes the art picked for the website to one Twitter follower as “trash” and “junk” (shown below). While it may be a minor thing, copies can be sold or unsold based on poor marketing material turning people off.

While this normally would create “ooohhh, eeehhh” noises from people, as Microsoft starts sending their entire PR department at Kamiya to ask “dude, what the hell? I thought we were cool?”, he looks to be in a position where Microsoft may need him more than he needs them considering the success of Platinum Games in the last few years. So it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of Scalebound’s marketing by Microsoft, especially at Gamescom in a few days time. Well, if Kamiya even attends anyway.


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