Portable Opinion Part 1: Definition of a Portable

Before we get started on this series, let’s get the definition out of the way. Sounds simple no? It’s a game system that’s portable. Oh wow that is simple.



Such a nice system.

That’s a game system that’s portable… But is it a portable system? No. Oh. Let’s add to the definition then. It’s a system that’s portable and has an internet power supply.


Internal power supply? Check. Portable? Maybe? Game system? Yes. It must be a portable system, right? No. Oh. Yet another addition is required then. This is kind of hard. So it’s a game system that’s portable, has an internal power supply and can be taken out in places like a car or hospital waiting room.

hero_iphone_6_5And you can use it for a flashlight!

This one has GOT to be a portable system. It fits the definition so far but there’s two main problems here. 1. It has a primary function that isn’t games. 2. It has it’s own category already: Mobile. Well at least we’re closer than we were. Definition attempt #4: A system that’s primary purpose is to play games, contains it’s own power supply and can be used in close quarters.


And Nintendo still won’t add SNES support on the 3DS.

Fuck you.


*crying in corner* Leave me alone…

Alright. I think that’s a good enough definition of a portable system for the time being (excluding the odd homebrew systems that get made). Why do we need a definition though? Doesn’t everybody know what a portable is? Well, there’s some argument about whether to include stuff like laptop computers or iPhones or N-Gage or whatever. If I’m going to be talking about portables in opinion pieces we need to all be on the same page. Now I’m going back to bed and cry myself to sleep.

  • Carp

    I’ve always wanted to make a portable console, but I’m a lazy asshole who would probably quit halfway through.

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