Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello there. I’m AEmilius, 36 years and 1 week old as I type this. Argentinean and still living in Argentina, whatever that implies, it probably gives me a different perspective on a few things. I went to film-school, though I didn’t graduate. I’ve done some random audio-visual thingies, some 3D modeling and some basic animations, even some web and graphic design since, but nothing big.

I know Hoff mostly from deviantArt and I’ve made several pieces of fanart for the Game-Art-HQ tributes.


See more at my deviantArt gallery.

My experience in gaming started in times when all you could find at the arcades was PacMan, Wonderboy and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. The first game I ever played in a (sort of) home system of my own was Jupiter Lander, for my Commodore 64c. I guess I’m that old. And I’m indeed a sort of an old-timer when it comes to gaming, not as in ???experienced??? but more as in ???antiquated???, especially console-wise. But the Hoffmeister seems to think I can still contribute something here, and I’m happy to join this new endeavor. Not sure what my area of expertise might be. PC (all the way from the MS-DOS era), Sega Genesis, PSX and some PS2 are what I might have called my best known gaming platforms. Silent Hill, Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat are the franchises I used to follow the closest. But I’m no stranger to platformers, fighting games, beat’em ups, graphic adventures, some shooters, survival horror and racing games. I’m also into videogame soundtracks and all things in other mediums based on my favorite games. Including movies, even though most videogame-based movies kinda suck.

And those might be thought of as my strengths, now lets talk about my weaknesses: I must confess I have close to zero Nintendo in my life, almost zero sport games, not much of strategy games, little online gaming, zero RPGs, zero life-simulation games, zero hand-held consoles. So you won’t read about any of that from me. I’m not proud of this, but??? what can I say? That’s a product of what I like and, most importantly, what I did and didn’t have access to when I was growing up. If I’ve already lost your respect over any of this, then… screw you! Just kidding. Though, seriously, you are prejudiced prick ???? Haha.

I must say I tried really hard to introduce myself in a not self-deprecating way, I’m told I do that a lot, but I probably failed. And apparently I also apologize too much. Sorry ???? I probably should grow a thicker skin to talk gaming.

So I guess that’s it for my introduction. Cya around.

  • R.Hoffmann

    Welcome on board AE, great to have one more of the Game-Art-HQ Contributors being a part of WeAreJustGamers, we should be able to make this a pretty cool place with the time *5*

    • ??milius

      Thanks, man ???? I’m really happy to join in. My first proper post should be up later today. I’m afraid it’s a bit long as it is ???? so I’m editing it and gotta fact-check a couple things too.

  • Carp

    I call collusion! It’s obvious Hoffmann is only letting on people with fighting game experience in order to further his rancid, nefarious goals!


    • R.Hoffmann ????

      Lets not forget that Terry is on board as well though, you are welcome to write smething here as an editor too. The site is open for everyone, even guys like Holmes would be allowed write here if it would be about a video game >_>

      • Dustin

        Yeah, man. I see it this way: We share something in common as most, if not all of us, are big fans of fighting games. But, the bigger bond here is that everyone on this site is a gamer. Everyone here grew up with video games, and this is the place for everyone to enjoy what we all like.

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