Playstation 4 Has Europe In Its Embrace With 70+% Market Share

In an interview with VG247, SCEE president Jim Ryan revealed that in terms of console market share the Playstation 4 is currently dominating the European market.

Ryan elaborated, stating: ???Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant. I don???t think market-share???s any less than 70%, and frequently greater than 90% in continental Europe.???

This success has allowed Sony to not only fund riskier projects but also keep their current price.

Sony Hug

Although it should be noted at how flexible number statistics can be. One such example is you can get the conclusions you want to report (e.g. a majority market share) by collecting data in a particular style that allows you to draw said conclusion. This can be by surveying people what consoles they’ve bought or, more likely, checking statistics of consoles bought from stores.

Even then, what stores you collect data from may reap different statistics and less mainstream stores and some countries may be harder to find data from. This makes joyful boasts of quantitative statistics mean a bit less than people may consider, as their manipulative nature means announcements of statistics are less factual than people give credit. However manipulating statistics in an ethical manner is not really a form of deception.

Jim Ryan curiously specifically mentions that the UK does not share this trend by saying it is ???quite different???. Which considering the UK is part of Europe may make the assertion the Playstation 4 has ???market leadership in every country in Europe??? wrong if the Playstation 4 does not hold a majority market share in the UK. If it does or doesn’t is, currently, unknown. Especially since even if I knew of another source to check from, they may use a different data gathering methodology than Sony does which may lead to different results.

Either way though, after the excitement Sony managed to brew during their E3 press conference, it looks like the Playstation 4 success story may not have ended quite yet.

  • sonic429

    I find this news disappointing. I hate when a single platform has such a high level of market saturation. It leads to the parent company being lazy and the others can’t seem to get much deserved exposure. And it’s not like the PS4 has this amazing lineup of games or anything. The overwhelming success of the PS4 is becoming more and more of a mystery to me.

    • Riobux

      I’d say a big clue about the market dominance is the countries mentioned. If it was general market dominance, I guarantee he would have screamed that from the high heavens. The fact he mentions specifically that European countries (excluding UK) means there may have been some data adjusting.

      Add to that, you have Sony’s strong E3 press conference, Microsoft still suffering from their X-Box One announcement cock up (as well as putting their exclusives onto PC) and Nintendo knee-capping Let’s Players (which, as much as I dread to admit, they make for a good advertising source for developers).

      I don’t think it is much of a mystery. It isn’t so much Sony doing well, but Microsoft and Nintendo making mistakes that Sony have been able to side-step by saying “and we’re not doing that!”.

      • sonic429

        Maybe not screwing up wins over the masses, but that just means I’ll pass the console up because if they never venture out. The old saying “who dares, wins” rings true for me. Microsoft has at least been trying with their new hardware and backwards compatibility, and Nintendo despite their poor judgement calls has been slowly but steadily building up a great catalog of exclusives. I feel like everything Sony is offering the gamers could be better had on a PC.

        I understand initial reactions to both Nintendo and MS, not denying they had a shaky first year, but I believe both companies have done fairly well at moving beyond that. Whereas the opposite is true of Sony, they’ve been riding that hype train for a couple years now (although I must admit they did kill it at E3, here’s hoping they deliver on that). I suppose I’m in the minority who pays very close attention to what these companies say and do, but that’s just how I am.