Path of Exile The Awakening Expansion coming soon – On July 10!

Path of Exile is the only Free2Play game I ever touched and played for more than 15 minutes. It’s a really good hack ‘n slay and a bit similar to the good old Diablo II but still a lot different, especially when it comes to the upleveling. The skill system is probably inspired a lot by the sphere system from Final Fantasy X.

It’s a free2play game but the purchaseable stuff is mostly cosmetics. All characters, skills and acts are available for free, the only reason why I myself did not play it through completely and don’t have it on my PC anymore is because if the server support will ever end, I could forget my save files. I still have my old Diablo II LOD Files and might play the game again. But having to fear this won’t be possible with a game if it’s not rentable for the developers anymore just scares me.

Anyway, this article was meant to be about the upcoming free expansion that arrives on July 10. The Path of Exile: The Awakening Expansion adds the new Act Four, new areas, six new boss fights, five new skills, 13 end-game maps, and more like new items and weapons. Too bad this game will probably never get a retail version that is independent from the servers.

  • FullmetalJ

    I really wanted to like this game, but then I opened the gigantic skilltree and only saw ways to fuck up a build.

  • Terry 309

    it always pissed me off that they went the F2P route, sure free is nice but i would rather pay to play offline.

    • R.Hoffmann

      Yup, this is a game I would pay around 30-40 bucks for without blinking even if it had only a single player mode.