OUCH! Seems that the P.T Silent Hills demo can lock out your whole PSN Library

Almost everyone who downloaded?? the P.T Demo of Silent Hills liked it for good reasons and found it a damn shame that the game is cancelled and all that but now that P.T was taken offline by Konami recently it can cause abig?? problem if you still have it on your Playstation 4. All of your games can become locked because of this crap.

“This situation is apparently due to the way PSN checks each user???s access to games, if the license has been removed from PSN (which is the Case with all copies of P.T), the usual license checks will fail, flagging the user as breaking the ToS and locking them out from their full PSN library.

It seems that even if you delete P.T. from the console it isn???t enough to prevent this from happening. If you???re among those who have downloaded P.T. you???d better keep your PlayStation 4 offline for the time being, as no solution has been found on the issue at the time of writing.”

Oh well..I myself was not online for a couple of days with the PS4 now Did you experience this problem too?


[Source: Gamesnosh]

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