New Info about Shenmue III including a releasedate

Yu Suzuki and Ys Net had a live stream yesterday where they announced a few new details about Shenmue III:


– Yu tries to get the voice talents from Shenmue 1-2 on board the project

– He also talkes with Sega about HD Remakes or Remasters of Shenmue 1+2

– Shenmue III will most likely be released at the end of 2017

– Sony supports Shenmue III with taking the costs for the Playstation 4 version port and marketing for it.

– Yu Suzuki would like to release Shenmue III on a Disc too.

– Shenmue III will NOT be the last Shenmue and won’t be the end of the story around Ryo Hazuki and the murderer of his father, Lan Di

– Ren and Shenhua will both be playable in the city Baisha

– Suzuki is still working on the face of Ryo and his expressions



  • EdgyDude

    >Shenmue III will NOT be the last Shenmue and won???t be the end of the
    story around Ryo Hazuki and the murderer of his father, Lan Di

    Oh for fuck’s sake, it took near 15 years to and the rise of KS to finally make this 3rd game and Zuzuki won’t finish the story? Jesus, it’s like he wants people to never get closure.

    • R.Hoffmann

      Well Shenmue was never meant to end after the third game ????

      I think 5 or 7 were planned once #2042 will be the final year for Lan Di!

      • EdgyDude

        I know Shenmue was supposed to be longer than 3 entries, but come on! at this point it’s asking a little too much to keep that original design based on faith alone.

        • R.Hoffmann

          Who knows, maybe everything comes together now and we might experience the whole story as it was once planned. I rather wait another 10 years to finally defeat Lan Di instead of doing that in a game that tries to have all left chapters in it already but is missing the pacing of the first two

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    • R.Hoffmann

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