MAME continues to be great with the new version 0.163

MAME is one of the coolest Emulator Projects out there I believe. It helped to make a ton of games playable that are almost forgotten but illustrate and document the evolution of a significant amount of video games. From Pac-Man and Space Invaders to a lot more modern games like Ridge Racer, Tekken and even some Trivial Pursuit or Dance Dance Revolution arcade cabinets there are a few thousand titles playable. Many of them are from companies that are defunct since decades and were never ported to home consoles.


The Emulator has still a relative big supporter community that works hard and donates time and also money to make more and more of the arcade games playable and to improve the emulation of already working titles. MAME 0.164 was just released and comes with a lot of fixes a few new features and also a couple of games that were not emulated before.


You can find the full list of changes and additions at:

I recommend downloading the MAMEUIFX 0.163 build at

  • FullmetalJ

    Can’t wait for 0.165!

  • husko

    Does this version emulate other systems like snes and sega genesis?

    • R.Hoffmann

      Since MAME and MESS were joining forces, yup, this is basically an emulator for almost everything now. Personally I prefer own emulators I have experiences with since years though