Keyboard Warrior: Killer Instinct Gets A PC Port

In a move that may surprise a few; Phil Spencer (who is not, contrary to popular misconception, the combination of the loveable Destructoid Twitch duo Phil & Spencer) at Microsoft has announced that one of the few X-Box One exclusives worthy of buying the console for, Killer Instinct, will be coming to PC. However, everyone’s eyebrows quickly dropped from surprise to ???…I see…??? when it was revealed it’d only be coming to Windows 10. Although considering the OS is going to be free for the first year for Windows 8 and 7 users (and those who pirated it), maybe it isn’t too bad of a situation.

Information is pretty light on other aspects of the port. There’s no word on the release date, if it’ll be sold through the Steam store or other means and if it’ll still retain the free-to-play model it has or be sold at full price.


This is actually the second X-Box One exclusive to hit PC, the first one being D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. Although D4 was published on Steam by a company besides Microsoft so Killer Instinct may mark the first time Microsoft has pushed for a PC port of a X-Box One game.

There was also a hint at an interesting future by Phil Spencer: ???And it’s the beginning for us. I could make some grandiose promises; I’m just not that person.??? Could this mean further X-Box One exclusives making the transition to Windows 10? It is possible such a move may possibly convince people Windows 10 wouldn’t be the train-wreck Windows 8 was, which appears to be what Microsoft has been trying to do for the past year. On the other hand, these days it appears exclusives are what sell a system so it may end up coup-de-gracing the X-Box One while propelling Windows 10 interest.

Either way, I’m laughing with my Bloodborne on the PS4 and my stupid-full Steam library. Bring on the PC ports.

  • MuppetTechNews .

    everybody part at the miracle that is gaven

  • sonic429

    Obvious bias is obvious

    • R.Hoffmann

      He He He ????

      At least it has crossover functions so we can play each other I guess

    • Riobux

      If it helps, off the top of my head I believe Bloodborne is the only game worth buying a PS4 for.

      • Rabite

        Disgaea 5. And that’s pretty much it.

  • Rabite

    I wish Forza Horizon 2 and 6 had come to PC as well, but that doesn’t seem likely. The Forza team could do so much more if they worked with PC instead of a console.

    • Riobux

      On the bright-side, I believe PC has a good few interesting racers besides Forza.

      • Rabite

        This is true, but I like what Forza brings to the table. Even the DLC is usually pretty good.

        • Riobux

          That’s fair really. Maybe Forza will appear on PC one day? After all, Microsoft seems to be porting a lot of exclusives to Windows 10 lately.

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