Ken Masters returns in Street Fighter V, Official Reveal Trailer

Street Fighter without Ken Masters is almost impossible it seems, he is of course back and thank god, he looks a bit different than usual and has also a few new tricks and also a few very old ones that were not seen since a while in his Street Fighter V movelist. At the end of the trailer you can also see a glimpse of probably, E.Honda.


Written by: Reinhold Hoffmann

Reinhold Hoffmann is playing video games since around 1986 and has seen many up and downs in the VG industry. ome of his favourite game genres are Fighting Games and JRPG's. He founded the community in 2011 and organizes art collaborations like the Link's Blacklist there.

  • sonic429

    WTF did they do with his character model? Must be by the same guy who drew the Mega Man 1 box art.

  • FullmetalJ

    At least his hair isn’t bad as in Street Fighter 4?
    Well, it’s a different kind of bad.

    • R.Hoffmann

      yup, fuck capcom!

  • kev899

    sometimess less is more. he kinda reminds me of Shatterstar w/o the boxing headgear.