Its Tuesday, and here are my E3 Predictions and Wish-Games for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony:

Just one more week until we will experience the reveals of many new games at the E3 in Los Angeles. A few games were leaked already like Forza 6 on the Xbox One or recently announced like the Mega Man Legacy Collection by Capcom, others like a new Platinum Game will be the surprise titles.


Since many editors on gaming sites do it these days, I thought a Tuesday would be just fitting for my personal predictions regarding the E3 this year..and of course I add a few personal wishlist games to the mix as well. Lets start with the company I give the least damn about to be honest…



I watched the last three Microsoft Press Conferences and was always hoping for some really cool surprises, something that would me finally saying “Oh damn..okay..I need their console now” but it happened only one time that they made me jumping up..and it was only for a very short time. Back in 2013 when they showed the return of Killer Instinct I was like “OMG YES” but the news a short time later about all its weird models and the low number of characters and that it would not even have a story mode and all the negative stuff about the Xbox One made me waiting and see how good the game is.

Today, 2 years later the game is finally very solid it seems but with games like Mortal Kombat X I just don’t care anymore. Microsoft lost their chance to win me a while ago..and last year’s E3 Press Conference by them was a pure lackluster for me. I am just not a shooter guy and the few other exclusive games were not my thing either.


My Predictions for the Microsoft E3 Conference this year are that they will show a lot of Halo 5, a bit Forza 6, at least 5-10 minutes of games by Electronic Arts?? including their next sports games and also the next Need for Speed. There will be almost nothing Kinect related this year I bet but again a lot “Times Exclusive” stuff..including Tomb Raider of course oh..and the Halo TV series…

Surprises HAVE to be there, also a price drop for their console maybe since they are losing more and more grounds against the Playstation 4.

I bet they will show a new Battletoads game and I bet that it will be really cool and the highlight of their show for old “Hardcore” gamers like me.




Oh Nintendo…their E3 Press Conferences or Nintendo Directs are at least the most charming ones usually, and they always come up with a few nice surprises.

Personally I wished they would get more third-party publishers again, that their consoles are mainly for Nintendo games is something that made me not buying their hardware in the last decade. The game genres I care about are simply just not there in a similar manner as on the competitive consoles.

The old Nintendo fan in me is totally wishing to see a new Metroid that goes back to the roots and is more like Super Metroid than the Prime games. It would probably make me buy a Wii U finally because I am a big fan of the classic Metroid games.?? I also wish them a lot success with their Splatoon and while it’s not a game I care for, its great to see that they came up with something completely new instead of more Mario, Zelda, and crossover sports games.


My Nintendo E3 predictions are that they show a lot of the new Starfox game, also the Mario Maker game they delayed a bit. Xenoblade Chronicles X will be there in playable form I bet and they might reveal that another Zelda HD Remake is coming to the Wii U with Twilight Princess.

I could see that one coming with a demo of their NEW Zelda game that was delayed to 2016. Hyrule Warriors 2 could be a thing as well + dlc for Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros 4. Last but not least they will show more of the SMT X Fire Emblem Crossover. A really cool dream come true would be an exclusive Final Fantasy VI remake for the Wii U and maybe finally a big Pokemon game for a TV console.



Sony is my favourite of the three game companies since a long time but I am rarely buying any of the video games they developed or published.

I think they showed the most games at the E3 Press Conferences in the last years though and that included many third party games, last year they had the really cool gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat X though that won me over and was THE reason for me to buy a Playstation 4 sooner or later. They also show a lot indie games and also relative many niche games usually and are not too focussed on first person shooters..

I fear this might be different this year though, if the reports are true we can expect a Call of Duty special during their show. My comment about that is a big MEH. Leave that series to MS and the dudebro’s there.


As a big fan of both the older Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon games I hope that Crash might be able to return to the Playstations somehow through a deal with Activision. Would love to see a well done Playstation All-Stars Kart game, a new WipeOut and as the giant surprise of the year, a surprise appeareance by Yu Suzuki who shows a Shenmue III teaser, shakes hands with Kaz Hirai and makes the Internet exploding. That won’t happen though. =/


My Sony E3 Predictions are that they show relative few surprises sadly. There will be the new Ratchet and Clank and more trailers and gameplay videos of games like Drawn To Death, Street Fighter V, a Bloodborne DLC and finally DriveClub PS+. Maybe also Gran Turismo 7. I fear the Sony Conference this year will in general be really lackluster.


What do yo think about my predictions and wishgames, what are your predictions and what would you love to see happening at the E3?

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