I’m absolutely crazy about it!

Hello everyone. It’s admin DemonsMayFeel. Yes, it’s inspired by Devil May Cry. Since an introductory blog for me was wanted, I’d figure I do it. So, I’m going to be a new video game reviewer, and definitely not a 7.8/10 too much water IGN reviewer.

I’m an avid fighting game player, but not the best at them by no means. Although, I love other game genres too. I’ve played on just about every console, with the exception of the Atari systems. So, I guess if there’s a review you’d like to see done, you can count on me, or the other admins doing the reviews to do them!

  • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

    *5* A cool option is that more than one person can write a review her, I can also change the layout to allow two scores by two different reviewers. The name of the website will change tomorrow to wearejustgamers.com in the long run that will be a lot more fitting than Hoffmanntoid. Am also working on a forum for the site now

    • arkane9

      So this is your new place? Nice, I like it. Are you hiring? Just kidding, I’m done doing freelance work (although I am getting rather desperate since I can’t find a steady job). Anyway, I’ll stop by now and then (especially for the cosplayers).

      • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

        If I would make money with the site I would be able to give money but for now and the next long time it will be without any form of ads. If the site will ever each some thousnd people like ga-hq that would change, alone already to pay the hosting costs but now its just meant to be a fun place and portal for blogs what you see here is like a complete basement while the house has to be build still.

        Am looking forward to see you here sometimes, maybe follow me on twitter so you can see if I posted another cosplayer mini-article or something else that gets your attention.

        And don’t get bothered by the basement dwellers there in the forum. The guys are fun and the most things they say made me laugh. However chillybilly sucks. Never say ever something bad about amiibos when he’s nearby.

        • Carp

          So are you planning on any sort of sister site integration? Like cross-site competitions or events?

          • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

            Lets talk about that if this website is still a thing in 2016 and has actually a small community already. It will take a good while until people find this site through google and become regulary visitors if they like the content. Creating content, finding concepts and having some relative unique blog ideas are the biggest problems right now. I will featre artists and cosplayers that are also in the game-art-hq community from time to time of course..there is also our collaboration with overclocked.Remix on the way and Link’s Blacklist 2015. These will be promoted here of course while I add a link to wearejustgamers on gahq as well.

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