I never played Majora’s Mask. But this Majora’s Moon CHOCOLATE CAKE is tempting!

I love chocolate cake but this one looks too great to just eat it. Its amazing or? Rhiannon the artist wrote:

“You guys know I’m a crazy Zelda fan, so of course there was no way I was gonna let the occasion of the Majora’s Mask remake pass without making a celebratory cake. I made this one last week whilst waiting for the eventual release.

Cake is chocolate, carved and covered in ganache. That’s then covered in fondant and painted with food colouring. Painting took about 6 hours.”

Rhiannon from Australia, also known as Cakecrumbs baked this art? cake? art cake? just for fun this time but she also participated in Game-Art-HQ’s big Art Tribute to the monsters of the Zelda games, Link’s Blacklist an art collaboration that will return this year in September. Have a look at her Furnix cake there as well!


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