I am going to interview the developers of Hatred (Update)

Update, just got the answers and a couple of them might piss off some of the so called SocialJusticeWarriors we see on many of the big websites or on youtube today. The interview features honest questions and honest answers from gamer to game developer.

The Hatred Interviews will be published later today here.




Yup, Hoff is going to talk with the developers of Hatred, Destructive Creations in the next days. Not through a real interview, I am not flying to Poland now but I got in talks with them already and we do it online. The interview will be published here.

I have a couple of questions for them already but thought that more from us “Gamers” can ask the developers of the game that offended oh so many writers/bloggers/game journalists.

The most of us remember headlines like “Hatred is not okay” and all that.


I myself always wondered why so many writers that reach thousands, sometimes ten thousands of people on one day alone with a blog even write about something that offends them so much and are indirectly helping the developers they are antagonizing so much. Without all these big headlines, not even a half of the people would know about it. I myself believe they did it often for the clicks, but some of the writers really might think they have to be political correct and say that controversial games are not okay.

My stance about it is pretty much described in the comic above.

Well, enough talk about it, if you have any serious questions for the developers, please ask them here via a comment.I am going to include some of the questions in the interview.



  • Carp

    You can interview the developers of Hatred, but you can never interview my hatred of developers! Just try and take my freedom to be angry you goddamn socialists!

  • FullmetalJ

    Could you ask them about the game mechanics and stuff?
    What’s the game like, how does it play, stuff like that.

    You’d be the first to ask them about that stuff.

    • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

      Actually no, I would not be the first.

      Just read an interview with them earlier today by a German website that brought me to the idea to contact them. This interview is in German and the game machanics were explained there. But I wiill ask them 2-3 question directly about the gameplay for sure. From what I read in the German interview, the game is maybe better and more thought out than many people might think now.

      • FullmetalJ

        Oh, and is the game going to be censored in Germany?


        • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

          Age 18+ games are usually not available via steam here. I guess there will be a special German version with Ponys though. Friendship Never Ends

        • Dreggsao

          If they only release a digital PC version they don’t even have to apply for a rating which leaves them open to be banned but usually no one cares for digital only stuff. That is how Postal 2 is still on steam in Germany with a version that isn’t identical to the banned one (with more detailed violence than the original banned version instead of less, but as long as the violence isn’t identical it is legally not the same thing that was banned)

  • Rabite

    Kind of a shame you’re not going to Poland to interview them in person. The resulting anger of Poland being invaded by a German again would make the game actually a bit more acceptable. But you’d need to drive there in a tank…

    • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

      The relationship between Germany and Poland is damn great now ????

      • Rabite

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