How old were you when you started gaming and what was the first video game you played through?

Thought that the weekend is a good opportunity to talk about my own experiences with video games in the past and maybe learn a bit about yours if you share it with me here.

If you know the two Game Boy games in the screenshots and you played them through than you know that the first one is Super Mario Land wich was one of the first GB games and really awesome for its time. It was very different from the NES Super Mario Bros. games, had a weird alien guy who abducted Daisy and had other bosses like a Sphinx and an amazing soundtrack. I loved that the game rewarded you with a harder difficulty if you played it through. It was just a pity that there was no save or at least a password system included to save the hi-scores.

The Game-Boy was my first video game system actually. My older brother had a NES and an Atari 2600 but I never played so long on them that I was able to beat the games he had.

Mystic Quest, known in Japan as the first Seiken Densetsu and in the USA as Final Fantasy Adventure was the first “long” game I ever beat.?? It took weeks for me as a 13-year-old who got this awesome game at his birthday and I needed the Nintendo Hotline! for that dumb puzzle where you have to walk around two trees to continue in the game. Had a SNES at the time too but at the time I only bought fighting games like Street Fighter Ii Turbo, Mortal Kombat and the port of Art of Fighting, I remember that the first bigger game I got for the system was Super Metroid.

The first time I played a video game was in a big eletronic market when I was 8 or 9 and my parents were happy I was busy with something. They had some NES cabinets there with games like Ice Climber, SMB2 and Duck Hunt.

How old were you when you started gaming and what were the first games you beat?

Happy Weekend!


  • Terry 309

    Prolly 5 or 6, pokemon yellow

    • R.Hoffmann

      ^^ Still have to play a Pokemon game somewhen.

    • Carp

      Hah! Same here.

  • FullmetalJ

    Probably 4-5.
    I want to say the first game I played was either on the Game Boy or NES…
    Maybe Super Mario Land 2? Maybe Tetris?

    I managed to play through every Nintendo generation even though (and I’m gonna date myself here) the SNES was already out and I got a N64 “late” with Banjo Kazooie.

    As for the first game I finished all the way through, probably a Mario game, likely Mario Land 2.

  • Carp

    The first videogame I ever played was Pokemon Yellow. I don’t even remember how old I was. Didn’t even have the handheld. My family didn’t have enough money for buying consoles or handhelds, but I found an in-browser GB emulator some guy did for a college project while searching the web. Hell, I didn’t even know what emulating was at the time.

    If we’re talking strictly above-ground games, I remember my dad bought me a couple PC games like Oregon Trail and Tonka Construction. So most of my early games are either classic to mid 90s PC games or browser GB and NES emulated games.

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How old were you when you started gaming and what was the first video game you played through?
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