Hi I’m Sonic

So I thought I’d write my first article introducing myself and giving you a little background of myself.

I’ve been gaming for most of my life. I started at around 7 or 8 years old. My first memories of gaming started sometime in the early 90’s. I remember seeing other kids play the NES and being too scared to try for fear I wouldn’t be very good. I do remember one day finally stepping up and trying it for myself. The game was the original Super Mario Bros and even though I did terribly, a gamer was born that day.


Frankly, I’ve been a Nintendo fan ever since, sure they have their ups and downs but I feel like I can most associate with them. But that isn’t to say I limit myself to just Nintendo games or Nintendo systems. I think there’s validity in all forms of gaming. My philosophy on gaming is that you should game how you want to game. It’s supposed to be something you do for fun, so I don’t feel like there’s a particular right or wrong way to game. If all you want to do is play free mobile games who am I to tell you that’s wrong? Do I want to play that way? Nope, but it’s not my time being spent.

Gaming should be first and foremost about fun. I feel like the industry has lost it’s way in that regard. A good example of that is #resolutiongate. That is, the argument of the resolution and (by proxy) the framerate that console games run in. While I understand schoolyard fights often raged over things like blast processing and cartridges vs. CD, and it could be equated to this, I would think that we as adults can move on and look at the real issues facing gaming today. I truly don’t mind having a healthy debate over the systems, as long as it’s not resorting to petty name calling and or people losing their tempers. I want to discuss things like how Microsoft could improve their indie support, or how Nintendo could improve their third party. When we start looking at the big picture, conversations to tend to be more fruitful.

What I want from gaming at the moment is to slow down and scale back. These AAA developers/publishers are all looking for the next big franchise that will make them millions, so they keep pushing the envelope. The teams keep getting bigger, the budgets more elaborate, and more importantly, creativity is stifled. No, I’m not one to wax on about the “good old days” actually I think there’s a lot of progression made in the last decade or so, but a lot of greed has come into play as well. I also feel that much of the AAA industry no longer caters to my tastes, and I sometimes struggle to see their appeal. That doesn’t mean I stopped seeking out new experiences, just that I’ve had to change where I’m looking to get them. If that’s hipster I guess I’m a hipster, I just want to play the games that appeal to me.

As far as the genres I do enjoy: I like platformers for their simplicity and challenge. I enjoy adventure games for their sheer variety and they usually have a good story to boot. Fighters are great for honing skills and taking it to your friends. I do like racers but mostly only non traditional ones like arcade racers, kart racers, and whatever you classify games like F-Zero and Extreme-G. Puzzle games are great for short play sessions so I tend to pick them up on portables, that’s where they are most prominent anyway. The rest are hit and miss to be honest, it totally depends on the individual game if it’s not on my mainstay list. For example I’m not big on sim games but Animal Crossing just has a great feel to it and is surprisingly addicting, and I’m not big into RPG’s because of the time investment but Pokemon and Diablo make it feel worth my while. I play a little bit of everything (genre-wise) but what appeals to me is accessibility, playability, aesthetics, and proper pacing. If it can nail those elements I’ll play it all day.

As far as what I’ll be writing in the future, I think I’ll shy back from news stories. I think Hoffman will pretty much have that covered, and you can get gaming news from plenty of other places anyway. I would however like to discuss opinions on the gaming news. A good example of this is how Konami is going to start focusing on mobile. Now as I said earlier, I don’t condemn those who play that way, but I will say that I feel like it’s a poor platform to game on compared to consoles, PC’s and even dedicated handhelds. So that might be a good subject to tackle. When it comes to subjects like this, it’s obviously more of an editorial, so you’re welcome to chime in if you don’t agree.


Finally, I’d like to tackle some lesser talked about subjects. I’d like to review some obscure or lesser known games. I’m an old school gamer and I’m betting some of you guys are too. Who knows maybe I can introduce you to a hidden gem? And finally I’d like to occasionally discuss things like how to get the best video signal out of your retro systems, how to repair a damaged controller, or setup your systems in a home theater. That’s one aspect that I’ve had to resort to other sites to get and I think it would be a great asset to We Are Just Gamers. So that’s a little about me. I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you enjoy my content.

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    • sonic429

      Hey I’m not THAT ugly. :-)

      • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

        Stop ze Blasphemy! Nothing about Kefka is ugly!

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  • https://www.game-art-hq.com/ R.Hoffmann

    “Frankly, I???ve been a Nintendo fan ever since”

    I hope they will finally develope a cure for that…. *sigh*

    Welcome on board Sanik, I bet this place will be a lot of fun for us!

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