Hey, I’m Brendan, and I love games…

…especially the classics. I’m a product of the mid-1980’s who grew up on NES and SNES. I’ve owned dozens of consoles and hundreds of games in my life and, well, videogames are just my passion. While I’ve owned a plethora of non-Nintendo consoles, and play modern Nintendo games frequently, like Wii U, my obsession lies primarily in what I originally fell in love with – the NES. Since we all know about Contra and Super Mario Bros. by now, I’ll mostly be filling you all in on what I think of lesser known classic gems or turds of yester-year. Sure, I’ll cover recent games and gaming news for you, but the majority of my content will be based on retro gaming. I’ll let you know which little known titles I’d recommend trying out or steering clear of, and I’ll even try to supply some collector’s pointers along the way. I look forward to ranting my ass off about games. ‘hope you’re looking forward to reading my thoughts.

  • ArsonD

    Congrats on getting on the site! I look to reading your reviews and rants. :)

  • https://www.wearejustgamers.com/ R.Hoffmann

    Welcome on board Brendan, pretty cool to have you on the site! Gaming wise we share some favourite games and series and we both like to highlight the “stars of yesterday” sometimes on Game-Art-HQ but since around the N64 I kinda split with Nintendo and never got into their games and hardware anymore as before on the NES, the Game Boy and the Super Nintendo.

    Its relative difficult for me to be excited about their latest games and to write news related to them ????

    Feel free to feature your own video game artworks here sometimes as well, they are great and I bet the readers here will like them as well and might want to learn more about it.

    Cheers Reinhold!

    ps: Please make a Disqus account if you don’t have one yet to be able to write comments here

  • Rabite

    Welcome to the site. I think we’re going to need to make a list for retro games to make sure there’s no crossover reviews. There’s some lesser known NES titles I’d like to write reviews of, but we already have like 3-4 people who write them as well. Or hell, we could write our own then post them on the same day. See how our reviews compare to each other.

  • Radical Yoseph


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