He-Man and G.I. Joe to join “Toy Soldiers: War Chest”

Ubisoft hit me right in the nostalgy bone announcing He-Man and G.I. Joe will be joining “Toy Soldiers: War Chest“, the upcoming fourth installment in the “Toy Soldiers” series of action/strategy games, which will be released soon for Windows, Xbone and also PS4, making it the first in the series not to be a Microsoft exclusive.

As in the previous editions, players control an army of toy soldiers and fight their opposing counterpart in a diorama of a battlefield. Apart from the returning original characters, only a special “Hall of Fame” edition of the game will include characters from these Mattel and Hasbro franchises, and Ubisoft also said other two (yet to be announced) licensed armies are going to be included in this special edition of the game.

I really don’t “get” things like the Lego games ???? But something like this sounds interesting and sure looks neat, specially since we probably won’t get to play an actual nextgen “Masters of the Universe” game in a while.

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    The game might be fun but the voice acting there is terrible. Waiting for reviews.

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