“Hatred is Okay” – an Interview with Destructive Creations, the developers behind Hatred

Hatred, the first game by Destructive Creations from Poland is getting released on Monday the 1st June on Steam after it was pulled from Greenlight for a short while. Gabe Newell himself sent the developers an apology email and wished them success with their game. Hatred was back on Greenlight after a short time to the big relief of the developers.

The game spawned a lot of negative press in the form of articles like “Hatred is not okay”. This is a dark game, one that puts the player in the role of an antagonist who seems to be full of hate and makes no difference between anyone. He kills without mercy. I myself see no big problem with games like this, people don’t run amok or become criminals because video games or movies usually.The reasons for someone to hurt others are normally something much deeper.

I read articles about Hatred and about how controversial it is according to the writers… while these same editors that cursed the game always included gameplay trailers and helped indirectly that Hatred became much more popular than the average indie game these days

I wondered who the people behind the games are, and also if this is all about creating a brutal experience without caring for the fun factor and the quality of the gameplay. I am not a game journalist, this website is only 8! days old and just wanted to know more about the game. I hope its informative for many of you.


Hello Destructive Creations, first of all lets talk a bit about your team, please introduce yourself(es)

Hi, I???m Przemys??aw, I take care of PR and support stuff at DC. Our team consists of 13 experienced specialists that have been working in the gaming industry for years, we know each other well, because most of us worked together in The Farm 51 studio previously.

Destructive Creations Photo

Destructive Creations


How did you start Destructive Creations, are you all friends and know each other for a while or how was the team formed?

Most of us worked together in one studio, so yes, we are also good friends and both things help us to be well organized. Everyone at DC have enough experience and knowledge to make our job best.


Since when is your first game Hatred in development now and did you developed the concept of the game together or was it the idea of one member of Destructive Creations?

It took us practically one year to produce Hatred. On June 1st, it will be exactly one year since we started working as the Destructive Creations studio, so the game premiere will be a good chance to celebrate our studio???s first birthday.

Our CEO Jaros??aw had a basic concept of Hatred on his mind for a long time. He started with a prototype, and when the team was formed, we started the development for real.


It is probably easier today than 10 or 20 years ago to form a developer team, create a game and you have more distribution options today. Especially with Steam that allows you the digital distribution and -godblessGaben- he sees the case similar as myself and is not judging your upcoming game Hatred, he lets the gamers decide to buy it or not.

Yes, that???s true, but game development also requires funding which isn’t an easy thing for many developers, especially indies. Some of them of course manage to create games on their own, after working hours, but some just need something more than just passion.
Steam is a good place to show your production to many people, and Greenlight can cause that it will be allowed for sales.

As you have seen, Hatred had some really hard times on Steam, but successfully it managed to be finally allowed on this platform and it gained a lot of hype.


How was your reaction when you received the good news from Valve that Hatred was put back on Greenlight and Gabe himself wished you good luck with the game?

A huge relief. This also ensured us on how many people wanted this game to be out, and how many supporters it gained. When our game was removed from Greenlight, we had pretty hard times. We needed to think about a backup plan back then. But Lord Gaben found that the Valve decision was wrong, and he saved the day!


Hatred received a lot of negative reactions by writers for some of the biggest gaming sites today. I remember reading headlines like “Hatred is not OK” by offended editors that declared your game is not only controversial but also something that should simply not be developed.

I myself read these articles, watched the trailer and wondered why the people who dislike your game so much are writing about it, linking to the trailer and your website and are indirectly making Hatred one of the most popular and discussed indie games of 2015.

The more they write about it, and more they try to censor it or banish, the more it becomes popular. Multiple articles that criticize Hatred and calls the game ???The worst thing in human history??? only help us to gain more attention. You could compare this to The Streisand Effect.


How was the reaction of Destructive Creations when you read these articles that helped to get your trailer seen by over 100K people in a few days? :-)

You mean the articles that criticize Hatred? We don’t really worry about it, and we don???t treat those articles seriously, because thanks to them we really didn’t need much of investment into marketing. This is a computer game that doesn’t compromise, we just knew that it will make some noise, but we didn’t expect such impact.


Lets talk a bit about Hatred directly, aside from the discussions from it being controversial and all that.

What are the biggest and best features of Hatred in your opinion) (please mention 2-5 features)

A dark atmosphere (similar to Sin City) distinguishes this game from many others in its genre. Unreal Engine 4 PhysX system boundaries are pushed to the limits here.?? You will be able to destroy almost anything on your way, and you will be able to use the environment in some cases to make the destruction even bigger.
You have a total freedom of movement on each level.

The game tactics (for a twin-stick shooter) is unique. You will need to cover, run, duck, use obstacles and environment to reach your goals.


Will there be the chance to select target traits and killer traits ( skin tone, clothing style, class, etc) or are the targets defined by the computer randomly?

The main character won???t be customizable. As for the NPCs/targets – they are generated randomly on each level, so you won???t be able to predict what skin colors or clothes they will get.


Beside playing a game I also care about the music in a video game. What kind of a soundtrack has the game? (Metal, Techno..etc. please mention how the music fits in the game)

Whole music is a great work of composer Adam Skorupa (who also made music for Witcher, Necrovision or Painkiller and other games). There are a lot of ambient sounds, atmospheric tones accompanied by a heavy electronic stuff. This creates a very dark atmosphere and greatly fits the vision we wanted to achieve in the game.


What are some of the favourite video games of the team and what games inspired the development and gameplay of Hatred?

Each of us likes something different, so we had a small questionnaire about it some time ago. We like RPGs such as a classic Fallout, Baldur???s Gate or hack???n slash Diablo, but since yesterday we are having a lot of fun with Witcher 3. We have also some favorite shooters such as old Doom, Quake Half Life or CoD 2. There are also some strategies like Star Craft: Brood War, Medieval 2: Total War, Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War – Soulstorm.

We also waste some time in MMO games such as Eve Online, World of Tanks, War Thunder. These are just some examples and I???m sure we could find more.


Will there be modding support for the game? (just for you to laugh: One of our readers suggested it should be possible to mod Anita Sarkeesian into the game as the player and making the victims all gamers ???? ) (we have a very sarcastic and cynical reader audience..and thats good so)

Yeah, we will provide mods support a bit after release. It will be up to modders what they will do with the game. But on Steam you have Steam rules, and I???m sure that content will be moderated and banned if it crosses certain lines or is far too offensive. We have many crazy mods ideas on our forums, but you know, community will decide which are fun/good or not worth a try.


Is there something you want to say to the gamers out there about your game? Why should they try it out?

Playing this game will give you tons of fun. It???s a big challenge even for some experienced gamers. The mechanics are build to encourage you to try and try again – you will see that it is not a mindless shooter, but something that slaps you in the face and learns you to play it better.

The atmosphere and dynamics of gameplay will bring you a lot of excitement, and many questions about the plot, and the main character. You will be hunter and you will be hunted.


What are your plans for the future after Hatred is released? Do you have plans for other games already or would a commercial success of Hatred mean that you will work on a sequel?

First of all we plan to take care of mods support, and if the game sells well, we will be working on a DLC with some new maps and possible multiplayer. Sequel? I don???t know, maybe :)?

New game projects are a secret now, we have some ideas of course, but it will be something totally different from Hatred, and we will announce that officially in the future.


– Thanks for the interview. I am 34 years old, experienced how games like Mortal Kombat were banned in my home country (I am German) how games like Thrill Kill were cancelled ..how Grand Theft Auto was accused to support crimes and can’t remember how often I read that video games are dangerous and blablabla. If you read or watch the news you see that it’s not games and gamers killing people, the reasons by?? the amok runners, soldiers and fanatics out there are for sure not Manhunt, Mortal Kombat or Hatred.

Thanks for the interview too!

We have the same opinion about violence in gaming. We don???t believe that they lead to real violence. The real life problems cause that.
The issue with Hatred will be the same as with other games you mentioned – we may have our game banned in Germany, and many fans will not have the chance the get their copy. The problem is that we can???t do nothing about it.


Thanks @ everyone for visiting this website which is a hobby project by a couple of gamers.

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      Its just my gut feeling but I bet that not one of the writers behind the very critical articles ever contacted Destructive Creations and asked them about the game, its intentions and if it is more than just showing a lot of violence.

      Its easier to curse something and make clicks with the “filthy game”. Thanks to the people who defend the game as well as those who side with the editors.

      Interviews or neutral articles don’t reach half as many people sadly than articles that are probably as controversial as the game itself and spit at least as many toxic accusations than Hoffmann in 500 articles about Destiny ????

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      There were a few other interviews, one on a German site of all things (The game won’t be released there) but all on relative unknown gaming sites. The big ones were and are all just cursing the game which made me a bit angry about it from the start. Thought thats pretty unfair and this interview saw a few hundred visitors now at least, some of them might changed their stance about the game and consider buying it or at least reading reviews.

      If you see typos or gammar mistakes by me, please always mention them, I am grateful for assistance like that which would help me to avoid such mistakes in future articles.

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