Great Gaming Moments, Great Art, Its Sunday And I Played Super Mario World Again!

From time to time I really feel the need to re-play some of my favourite classic video games and Super Mario World is one of them of course. I beat all the secret levels multiple times, beat the game in around 20 minutes thanks to the trick of warping to Bowser in the 2nd world and explored more or less every level already.

But the game is simply great and still super fun. The level design was sometimes simple, sometimes totally challenging but even now, around 25 years after it was released I am whistling the melodies of the stages. I wonder which video game of the last 5 years will receive similar thoughts in 25 years.


It’s no wonder that gamers are tributing this game with writings, with remixes and arrangements and with drawn art as well. Joshua Summana from the UK who also created a BADASS M.Bison portrait a while ago, created this great game art piece above that illustrates the level design from Super Mario World. I love how he drew the Piranha Plant as a much more menacing looking enemy than it is in the game itself.

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