Going to have my next Interview with the Fast Racing Neo developers!

After the Interview with Destructive Creations, the guys behind the controversial Hatred, my next interview is about a game with a lot more positive vibe around it.

Fast Racing Neo is looking like THE game for WipeOut and maybe also F-Zero fans. Its developed by Shinen, a German Indie Developer teams that is bringing this game to the Nintendo WiiU (so far) in 2015.


Check out the trailer and if you have any questions for the developer, ask them in the next 2 days and I might use them for my interview!





Written by: Reinhold Hoffmann

Reinhold Hoffmann is playing video games since around 1986 and has seen many up and downs in the VG industry. ome of his favourite game genres are Fighting Games and JRPG's. He founded the Game-Art-HQ.com community in 2011 and organizes art collaborations like the Link's Blacklist there.

  • FullmetalJ

    – How many vehicles? (Any secret, “joke” or otherwise special vehicles?)
    – How many tracks?
    – Will the vehicles also have character pilots? (Blue Falcon – Captain Falcon)
    – What can we expect feature-wise? (Customization options, game modes, etc.)
    – How’s the post-release support?
    – What is your target?
    – Is it the Shagohod!?
    – Or Sokolov!?
    – Or maybe it’s the Legacy!?

    • https://www.wearejustgamers.com/ R.Hoffmann

      Am going to use 4 of your questions, will do 10-12 in the whole interview this time, thanks ^^

  • sonic429

    What about online/local multiplayer?
    How much is this going to cost?
    Any more specific on a release date than just 2015?