Flashback Friday: Windjammers

Told ya it was a Data East game for the Neo Geo. Some of you were thinking Karnov’s Revenge, were ya? Well… NOPE!

Being that it’s summer time, it makes sense to talk about a game that is based on one of summer’s best known toys: The Frisbee.

Windjammers is that game. Using the Frisbee, this game turns the flying toy into a sporting contest. In this game, you face off against either the CPU or your friend in a one-on-one duel. The game plays like tennis: There are sets and the first to score 12 points wins the set. You can score more then 12 points, but 12 wins the set no matter what.


Scoring is a simple system. Each arena has two different colored goals. The yellow goal is worth 3 points, the red goal is worth 5 points. You can also make your opponent miss the disc and get 2 points for that. Easy to remember, you know?

There are 6 competitors in the event (with one of them you can switch the nationality via dip switches)…

-Beginner: Japan and Korea/UK (These are the fastest players, but don’t have a lot of power in their throws, so you’ll need to use some trickery to win)
-Middle: Spain and Italy (Middle of the road guys. Perfect for those who want a good mix of power and speed)
-Expert: USA and Germany (Power is their game. Plain and simple)


Controls are easy to learn. You use the stick to move around. A is used to throw straight ahead and B is used to lob the disc. Those are the offensive skills, on defense, A is used to slide and catch the Frisbee. Sometimes, your character will charge up after being under the disc. You can bust out a powerful shot with A and a lob that lands sideways and rolls with B.

Each game takes place in arenas of some form. In some of the arenas, there are some obstacles that can hamper your throws. These are in the middle of the playing field. The last game always takes place in the Stadium, where a special gimmick comes into play. When you score, the red goal gets larger and larger until the opponent scores, then it reverts back to normal. Oh, and during the game you have bonus games… one is the traditional dog toss and the other is Frisbee bowling. Too bad no one heard of disc golf back then, that would of been an awesome bonus game.

Anyway, that ends this edition of Flashback Friday. Tune in next week when I look at one of the most controversial games ever made…

Written by: Dustin

Currently living in Longview, Washington. A so-called master of fighting and sport games, not to mention well versed in useless knowledge that, most of the time, includes video games.

  • https://www.wearejustgamers.com/ R.Hoffmann

    Great to see you back on track Dustin :-)

    Loved Windjammers in the arcades and later via emulator at home.

  • sonic429

    Fucking LOVE this game. I was introduced to it a few years back when I found it in a retro arcade. Well worth playing today, too bad there hasn’t been a re-release of it.